YPJ: The attack was within knowledge of the Coalition and KDP

YPJ said: “The Turkish attack on our forces wasn’t outside of the International Coalition’s knowledge. The Coalition’s silence in the face of these attacks confirm and approve this.”

YPJ (Women's Defense Units) General Command issued a written statement on the Turkish army’s jet fighters attacking Qereçox and Shengal.

The statement said 12 of the 20 fighters who lost their lives were YPJ members and, stressing that: “The invading Turkish state’s goal with this attack is to prevent the Operation Wrath of Euphrates against ISIS and to save ISIS from annihilation. This attack is against all the gains of the Kurdish people. With this attack the Turkish state targeted the women’s forces mostly and shown their misogyny and intolerance to women’s freedom.”


The YPJ statement said the attack was within knowledge of KDP and the international forces and continued:

“This attack is based on the treacherous alliances of the KDP. The KDP alliance is known to have provided a foundation for these attacks. On the other hand, YPG and YPJ forces take their place with the Coalition in the fight against ISIS and have shouldered a great duty to defend human dignity. This Turkish attack on our forces didn’t happen without the knowledge of the coalition forces. The silence of the Coalition in the face of these attacks confirms and approves this. The women’s freedom struggle movement can not accept approval of this situation.


All Kurdistani forces and all the Kurdish people should show their national protest. As the Women’s Defense Units, we call on all who fight for women’s freedom to protest and follow their duty against AKP’s misogyny. We are calling on all who fight for women’s freedom to increase our alliances and act in solidarity in all areas. We are calling on the Kurdish women to protest these attacks in an organized way in their localities and support the defense forces. We will make those who target the Kurdish people and the free women regret it. We salute our friends who joined the martyrs and say that we will strengthen the fight.”