YPJ forces rescue three more Êzidî women from ISIS

Three more Êzidî women rescued by the YPJ during the Operation Wrath of Euphrates are now under the protection of Cizîrê Canton's Women's Council.

Êzidî women Selîme Sîdo (27), Nîdal Ali (20) and Bêrîvan Ferman were rescued by Women's Defense Units (YPJ) during the Operation Wrath of Euphrates. The three women were brought to the Cizîrê Canton's Women's Council by a delegation comprised of YPJ Spokesperson Nesrin Abdullah, Cizîrê Canton Êzidî House Co-president Ilyas Sîdo, Efrîn Canton Êzidî Union member Şêx Qenber and Cizîrê Canton Êzidî House member Celal Cindo.

Speaking here, YPJ Spokesperson Nesrin Abdullah said “Operation Wrath of Euphrates was launched to avenge the Êzidî women. Our forces have rescued many women from the gangs during this campaign.”

Nesrin Abdullah stated that YPJ fighters have rescued 137 Êzidîs, including 64 children and 70 women, from ISIS gangs during the Operation Wrath of Euphrates. In addition to these, another group of Êzidîs who includes Selîme Sîdo, Nîdal Alî and Bêrîvan Ferman have been freed most recently.

Abdullah stressed that: “As the YPJ, we will fulfill our promise to rescue all Êzidî women held captive by ISIS gangs.”

Women's Council President Emîne Omer stated that they will contact Shengal Êzidî Assembly so that the three Êzidî women can reunite with their families.”