YJA Star: We will prevail in 2017 with the spirit of Newroz

YJA Star said strengthening the defense system and ensuring victory will be the most meaningful response they will at Newroz, and emphasized that they will prevail in 2017 with the spirit of Newroz.

YJA Star (Free Women's Troops) Central Headquarters Command released a written statement marking the Kurdish New Year Newroz, 21 March.

The statement by YJA Star said the followings;

“We celebrate Newroz for Leader Apo who united Newroz, which represents the the most rooted and libertarian values in this land, with its true meaning and presented the PKK -name of struggle and achievement through struggle- to the peoples as a Newroz party, for our people who transformed the spirit of Newroz into a rebellion, and the entire humanity that fights for a free life. We commemorate our great Newroz martyrs Mazlum Doğan, Zekiye Alkan, Rahşan, Ronahî, Bêrîvan and Sema, and all our martyrs, heroes of resistance and freedom that made everyday a Newroz.”

Newroz is the harbinger of a free, democratic and true life, of spring, renewal and the Sun turning towards humanity. Newroz also means reciprocation of labor and dissemination of communal life. Newroz gained a new meaning with the freedom struggle of our party PKK that has grown from resurrection to salvation. Those that try to put out the flame of freedom torch are met with the PKK reality and are buried in the darkness they try to create.

Today, Newroz is taking place in Kurdistan, the Middle East, and many other parts of the world. The Dehaqs of the 21st century are attacking humanity today much more viciously than the Dehaqs that targeted the will and free identity of peoples for thousands of years ago. However, thousands of Kawas that do not accept the cruelty and slavery of Dehaqs are arousing in these lands today. The Rojava Revolution that left its mark on the 21st century has become a Newroz revolution. Women, youth, and peoples that see their hopes for future in Rojava have enthusiastically turned towards this battle of resistance. In this way, peoples have been able to take a deep breath after the oppression they have endured throughout history. This is why Kurds and the values they have gained on behalf of humanity are facing with a huge intolerance and attack today. This reality shows itself most evidently in the fascist Erdoğan-AKP entity that assimilates, oppresses, exploits, massacres and burns alive the Kurds. Similarly, their attack on Shengal in collaboration with the KDP and their aggression on the values of the people in Rojava together with the gangs is a part of this reality. The truth underlying these plots is the fact that the reality of democratic nation and free society developed in the person of the Kurds is the nightmare of 21st century Dehaqs. The self-governance resistance in North Kurdistan is the reality of a people that have become Newroz themselves.

The people of Cîzre, Nisebîn, Hezex and Silopî have risen up, resisted and manifested their insistence on their free identity during the self-governance resistance just like they did during the 1990s. They have shown us that Newroz can only find meaning through resistance.

Thousands of Kurdish youth and resistance fighters such as Mehmet Tunç, Asya, Derya Koç, Pakize and Seve took over the fire from heroic resistance fighters such as Berfîn, Zeryan, Rûken, Çiyager and Mazlum Doğan, carrying this fire in their bodies and proving themselves to be their successors, by means of which they frustrated all the attempts and efforts of the enemy.

As YJA Star, strengthening our defense system and ensuring victory on this line of resistance will be the most meaningful response we will give at Newroz. Each YJA Star militant will equip herself with the enthusiasm and consciousness of Newroz and make the enhance the spring initiative with success. She will welcome each day of 2017 with the spirit of Newroz and fulfill her responsibilities. We call upon women, young people, our people and all other peoples that are dedicated to human honour to organize and struggle against today's Dehaqs on the basis of self-defense. We will prevail in 2017 with the spirit of Newroz.”