YJA Star Guerrillas: Self-defense is not just with weapons

YJA Star guerrillas drew attention to the importance of self-defense for women and said that "self-defense is not just carried out with weapons."

YJA Star guerrillas pointed out that self-defense should be carried out not only with weapons but should be achieved through women's self-education, recognition and defense of their country.

YJA Star guerrilla Ararat Malazgirt said: "There was not much debate as to how a woman should protect herself in the society before the PKK. However, the emergence of the PKK and the victory of the Rojava revolution have brought self-defense even more on the agenda. Women came to the front of the society with weapons and said they would protect themselves."

"We are here thanks to the PKK"

Malazgirt continued: "These developments drew the source from the PKK and the women's struggle for freedom. Women were inspired and encouraged by the philosophy of our leader. For women, doing something in the mountains is a very different feeling. Here you do everything yourself, including self-defense with a weapon. Here we are, YJA Star and HPG. As guerrillas, it is very important to protect the people against the enemy, to protect women, children and to protect their values ​​in the mountains for a free future. For this to happen, it takes will, a strong determination, and these belong to the YJA Star guerrillas."

"In the mountains we reached freedom"

Sarya Çiya, another YJA Star guerrilla, emphasized the importance of self-defense for women, and said that it is necessary for women to do everything by themselves.

Çiya added: "In the mountains, the woman can do everything by herself, defend her position and ensure her safety, defend herself against nature and integrate with nature even more; it's all about self-defense around here. In many regions, on many hills, women are alone, and their self-defense is in the hands of our female friends."

Çiya continued: "Women living in a society have often to deal with the male mentality, it is not easy for women to make a decision, to speak, to express their thoughts. It is obvious that the male mentality tries to impose itself on women. In Rojava, and in particular during the war in Kobanê, the will of the women resonated all over the world. This heroism was most visible in Kobanê. Today, this stance of resistance and self-defense is spreading almost all over Kurdistan and is inspiring women all over the world."