YJA Star: 2019 is the Newroz for freedom and women’s resistance

YJA Star Central Headquarters Command said, “Newroz 2019 will be the Newroz of freedom” and called all women to gather around the bonfire of the new day of struggle and to meet in the freedom halay.

YJA Star (Free Women's Troops) Central Headquarters Command issued a statement for Newroz.

“Having created great meaning for the values of freedom that the peoples of the Middle East have achieved through fighting the slaving systems and through resistance, PKK is a party of the Newroz,” said YJA Star and continued: “We celebrate Newroz Day for our Leader who gifted us the PKK, which becomes the seed to take root in all soil and the song to be sang everywhere, our people who make uprisings out of the spirit of Newroz, and all of humanity who fight for a free and democratic life. We remember with respect and gratitude our great martyrs Mazlum Dogan, Zekiye Alkan, Rahsan, Ronahi, Berivan and Sema who expressed the truth of life through relentless resistance.”

The Command statement included the following:

“The peoples of the Middle East and Mesopotamia are marching along the path of valiant martyrs and sacrificing resisters towards a new Newroz. Kurdistan peoples have raised Newroz, the new day, to the level of democratic modernity by carrying the historic to the current in creating thousands of modern day Kawas in the struggle against Dehak. We celebrate this day to the modern Kawa movement starting with our valiant martyr Mazlum Dogan, our comrades Zekiye, Rahsan, Berivan, Aze, Helin, Gulnaz and Delal who were martyred in the tradition to become the Newroz led by PKK, all our people, the resisters in the mountains and prisons, and hunger strikers who give their bodies cell by cell to the Newroz bonfire to grow the halay for freedom.

The Dehak of the time Kenan Evren was taken down by the resistance led by modern Kawa Mazlum Dogan, and Mazlum Dogan’s call for resistance for freedom was taken from the prisons to the mountains by the immortal Valiant Commander Mahsum Korkmaz with the August 15 action. Dehak was torn to pieces in prisons, and in the mountains by the valiant guerrilla. Before all, these Dehaks who were carved into the minds and lives of our people were torn to the ground by the PKK’s resistance.

The spirit of PKK and PAJK will grow the line of liberation, defense and protection with the women’s resistance Star Free Women’s Units which will take the stench of breath away from Dehak, wherever they breathe. The Dehaks of the day who continue the aggravated isolation on Leader Apo and who want to take the fascism imposed upon our peoples to a new level, the AKP-MHP have donned the mask of Erdogan fascism. To tear down the masks, we will burn them in the Newroz bonfire with the hunger strike resistance led by Leyla Guven that has become concrete in the motto Break the Isolation Tear Down Fascism with thousands resisting.

As the Star Free Women’s Units - YJA Star forces we promise to grow the historic spirit of resistance of Newroz due to the necessities of the day, inspired by our respect for the Newroz martyrs. With Newroz 2019 we repeat the motto Leader Apo proposed, ‘We won’t live like before, we won’t fight like before’ and repeat that our defense and our fighting will respond to the conditions of the day. We call on the resisting women of the world to join our organization and our struggle, with our guns ready, until we get rid of all Dehaks in the world. 2019 will be the Newroz of freedom. We are calling on all women to gather around the bonfire of the new day of struggle, and to come together in the halays of freedom.”