YJŞ fighters celebrate March 8 on Mount Shengal

Shengal Women’s Units celebrated March 8 on Mount Shengal with great enthusiasm.

Fighters of Shengal Women’s Units /YJŞ) held a ceremony and celebrated March 8 International Women’s Day on Mount Shengal with great enthusiasm.

Speaking here, YJŞ Commander Axîn İntikam celebrated March 8 for Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan and all resisting women.

Stressing that free society will prevail through the struggle of Apoist and resisting women for freedom, İntikam said every woman must fulfill her responsibility in order for the elimination of violence and repression against women.

YJŞ Commander Axîn İntikam wished a happy March 8 to all women fighting on the frontlines, saying the following; “We remember with gratitude all the women that contributed to this struggle, fought and fell as martyrs. We must give a ceaseless struggle in order to live with our identity of free woman. As is known, there exists violence and pressure on women, our society and people. We women must fulfill our responsibility everywhere in order to stop this violence and pressure.”

Pointing out the resistance of women in the Resistance of the Age in Afrin, YJŞ Commander said the following; “A legitimate struggle is being given against predatory Erdogan and his gangs. Women are leading free life and we must take part in this struggle in the most effective manner. We in the YJŞ celebrate March 8 International Women’s Day for first of all Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, and then for all the women that are fighting on the frontlines. We will embrace the free life created by Leader Apo, always and everywhere. Long Live March 8, long live Leader Apo.”

Following the speech, the ceremony continued with musical and cultural activities.