TJA activist Nevriye Çur says the reason for femicides is the AKP

Drawing attention to the increasing violence against women, TJA activist Nevriye Çur stated that the perpetrators were encouraged by the policy of impunity and added that "the reason for the murders against women is AKP policies."

During the AKP's 19 years in power, 7,455 women have been murdered by men. Women who defend themselves against men face imprisonment up to life sentences. Free Women's Movement (TJA), Nevriye Çur, made evaluations about the AKP policy targeting the women's struggle and women who defend themselves against violence.

Çur said that murders against women in Turkey  are not prosecuted. The murderers of women were released through judicial reforms and amnesty. Men are encouraged by the AKP's women's policies.

Women activists targeted

Çur maintained that "activist women are targeted by the government. Female guerrilla Ekin Wan lost her life in an armed conflict in Van and her body was tortured. TJA activist Rojbîn Çetin in Amed was subjected to police torture for hours. While the police officers were not on trial, a lawsuit was filed against the lawyer who shared the photograph of the torture.

They use all forms of torture and brutally attack women. Torture policies have been continuing since 1980. They want to weaken women's struggle by arresting TJA Spokesperson Ayşe Gökkan and DTK Co-chair Leyla Güven."

Special war against women in Kurdistan

Expert sergeant Orhan – accused of rape - was not tried despite all the evidence and the letter of his victim, Ipek Er, who eventually committed suicide.  Orhan was released immediately. Because Ipeke was a Kurdish woman who lost her life and the rapist was a sergeant of the Turkish army. There are dozens of such examples. In Dersim, university student Gülistan Doku was lost by a police’s son. Nobody has been tried in this incident either. No news has been heard from Gulistan for more than a year.”

Çur continued: "The state does not protect women. When a woman kills a man who tortured her, she is subjected to a heavier punishment than men. She protects herself and her children and then she is sentenced to life imprisonment.

When women who are subjected to violence apply to state institutions, they don't get any results. The men are only interrogated and released. Against the policies of the state, women also need to organize and protect themselves."