SKB calls for women's strike against the patriarchal system on March 8

The Socialist Women's Association SKB has called for a women's strike against the patriarchal system on March 8, International Women's Day.

The Socialist Women's Association (SKB) is calling for a worldwide women's strike on March 8. “The attacks of patriarchal capitalism on every area of ​​our life, on our freedom, our identity, our lives and our bodies are becoming more and more brutal. In these dark days, March 8 represents hope, said the association in a statement adding:" The patriarchy has severely restricted women, locked them in their homes and murdered them. The patriarchy tries to keep women silent about rape, assault and sexual violence. The pandemic conditions and the economic crisis have further increased the exploitation of the labor force of women. Murders of women and economic violence continued to increase during the coronavirus pandemic."

The Socialist Women's Association criticized the fact that all states implement misogynist practices and laws: “The capital repeatedly reproduces its mendacious policy of exploitation against women. Patriarchy robs women of their lives, their freedom, their dignity, their labor and their bodies through the assigned gender roles. Women murderers are given light sentences, LGBTIQ+ people are insulted and targeted, and hate crimes are legitimized. The state pats the rapists on the back and makes itself an accomplice through its laws. Attempts are being made to annul the Istanbul Convention for the Protection of Women from Violence, which was fought for in the joint struggle between women and LGBTIQ+."

"Self-defense of our right to life"

The statement continued: “As women and LGBTIQ+, we pick up the voice of everyone we have lost and keep getting louder against injustice. We have stepped up the fight for women's freedom and international women's solidarity. Now we're filling the streets and screaming out our anger! We are the women's justice. We defend ourselves against violence, abuse, sexism. We will not be silent!"

The association commemorates the women's struggles around the world, from India to Argentina to Rojava, and called for participation in the March 8 demonstrations and the women's and LGBTIQ+ strike.