Women stage '100 reasons campaign' demos in Essen and Frankfurt

As part of the “100 reasons to prosecute the dictator” campaign launched by the Kurdish women's movement, rallies against violence against women took place in Essen and Frankfurt.

Demonstrations against violence against women took place in Essen and Frankfurt. The actions were carried out as part of the “100 reasons to prosecute the dictator” campaign.

The rally organized by the “Association of Women from Kurdistan in Germany” (YJK-E) in Essen saw the participation of representatives of women's councils from Dortmund, Duisburg and Münster as well as PYD-Jin and the Alevi association FEDA.

YJK-E spokeswoman Ayten Kaplan pointed out in her speech the connection between the rise of violence against women and state politics. “The women in Kurdistan – she said - bow neither to state terror nor to reactionary thinking in society and have thus become a worldwide inspiration."

Signatures were collected at the rally for the “100 Reasons” campaign launched by the Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe (TJK-E) on November 25th. With the campaign, the Kurdish women's movement wants to ensure that femicide is recognized as a crime against humanity on an international level and that the Turkish head of state Tayyip Erdoğan is tried as responsible. The petition can also be signed online.

The rally in Frankfurt took place on the Roßmarkt. The activists wore pictures of murdered women and purple masks.

In a speech, attention was drawn to the genocide trials against ISIS members. ISIS jihadist Taha A.J. is on trial in Frankfurt on charges of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes against persons, human trafficking for the purpose of labor exploitation, the murder of a five-year-old Yazidi girl and membership in a foreign terrorist organization under Section 129b. In the joint household with his Islamic wedded wife, the German jihadist Jennifer W., a Yazidi mother and her child were held captive and severely mistreated. The child was chained in the yard at 50 degrees and died while calling her mother. Jennifer W. is on trial as well as she watched the murder without doing anything.