Women protest the isolation of Öcalan in Bonn

Kurdish women living in Bonn have urged European institutions to take action to support Leyla Güven’s resistance against the isolation of Öcalan.

Kurdish women have organized an action in Bonn city of Germany in order to draw attention to the hunger strike launched by DTK Co-chair and Hakkari MP Leyla Güven who demands an end to the isolation imposed upon the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The women participating in the action at Münster Platz also protested against the aggravated isolation policy in Imrali Island Prison where the Kurdish leader has been held since his capture as result of an international conspiracy in 1999.

Call for immediate action

The speeches given during the action recalled that the hunger strike launched by Leyla Güven in order to protest Abdullah Öcalan’s isolation is on day 62 and pointed out that Leyla Güven approached the death threshold. Demonsrators called on the CPT, the Council of Europe and the European Parliament to act immediately.

Demonstrators also chanted slogans demanding freedom for Abdullah Öcalan and for all political prisoners jailed in Turkey and North Kurdistan. They stressed that they would continue their actions until the Turkish state puts an end to the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan.