Women protest feminicide and the role of the AKP-MHP

Women organized protests on the last day of the year and drew attention to the responsibility of the AKP-MHP government in the killing of women.

Women demonstrated in various cities to draw attention to the responsibility of the AKP-MHP government in the killing of women.


Star Women's Association in Van organised a press statement at the association building to draw attention on the killing of women. Star Women's Association President Serap Güvenç spoke at the meeting attended by many women.

Güvenç said: "Violence and acts of aggression result in murder. Women are killed, raped, tortured. Not only women but also children are among the victims of this violence. Every day we read headlines telling us of a woman or child being abused. Suspects may be caught, but  deterrent penalties are not imposed on them. In addition to the impunity policies, the education system also causes this violence to increase."

Emphasizing that it is the duty of the whole society to say "stop" to violence against women, Güvenç reminded of the murder and sucide attempts in the city.


Dicle Amed Women's Platform (DAKP) organised a press conference regarding the murdered women in 2020. Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Diyarbakır MPs Remziye Tosun and Semra Güzel attended the action held in Yenişehir park.

Egitim Sen Amed No.1 branch co-chair Emine Akşahin made a statement on behalf of the members of the Platform and said that 382 women were killed in 2020. 


Adana Women's Platform came together in Heykelli Park to protest the killing of women. Lawyer Sevil Arac Bek said: "Law enforcement officers, judicial authorities, ministries and the Parliament, which are responsible for preventing femicide, do not fulfil their duties. The government is discussing withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention. Women are paying the price of impunity policies and non-implementation of the Istanbul Convention with their lives. We know very well that the real killers are the state and the judicial system that cannot protect women."


Mersin Women's Platform also held a press conference in Özgür Children's Park to draw attention to the increase in killings of women. Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Mersin Deputy Fatma Kurtulan, HDP Mersin Provincial co-chair Gülbahar Sofer, Socialist Re-Establishment Party (SYKP) co-chair Canan Yüce, as well as many women joined the action.


Hatay Women Together are Strong Platform came together in Köprübaşı and protested the increase in femicides.


The Free Women's Movement (TJA), Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Women's Council and Public Workers Union Confederation (KESK) Urfa Women's Council made a joint press statement about the three women killed in Malatya, Antep and Istanbul on 29 December.

HDP Deputy Ayşe Sürücü, peace mothers and many women joined the action held in front of the HDP provincial building. A banner “Femicide is political” was opened during the protest.

HDP Provincial co-chair Emine Çetiner said: "Murders of women are political."