Women marched in Marseille: "Stand up for Freedom and Change"

Hundreds of people marched in Marseille led by Kurdish women against the AKP political coup and violence against women.

Hundreds of people attended the march organised on Saturday evening at Canebiere Square, by Marseille Women's Council.

The march was part of the initiative launched by the TJK-E called "Stand up for freedom and change".

Women in the march denounced that violence against women is political and rapists are protected by the state.

Following the reading of a press statement, young women marched to the front of the march with a banner written in many languages saying ’Stand up for change and freedom' and carried HDP flgas.

Photos of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan were also carried during the march in which isolation was condemned as a crime of humanity.

Activists chanted slogans and handed out leaflets describing the AKP-MHP bloc as a misogynist alliance.

After an hour-long walk, the crowds entered the Vieux-Port square and began a rally with a minute silence in memory of the martyrs of the Kurdistan revolution.

Leyla Erzirom, co-chair of the Women's Assembly in Marseille, addressed the audience greeting TJK-E campaign and condemning the AKP political coup against the HDP. She said that the AKP is also targeting women and the revolution that led by women in Rojava.