Women in Shengal to organise under Êzidî Free Women’s Movement

In the 2nd Women’s Conference held by Shengal Women’s Assembly on September 25, the Êzidî women have decided to organise under the name “Êzidî Free Women’s Movement” (Tavgera Azadiya Jinen Ezidxan - TAJÊ).

The final declaration of the 2nd Women’s Conference held by Shengal Women’s Assembly on September 25 in Shengal Mountain has been published. The declaration states that Shengal Women’s Assembly has decided to organise under the name Êzidî Free Women’s Movement - Tavgera Azadiya Jinen Êzidxan and that they have formed an assembly and decided on a flag. The decision to fight for the freedom of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan was also taken in the conference.

In the 2nd Women’s Conference held by Shengal Women’s Assembly on September 25, the Êzidî women have decided to organise under the name “Êzidî Free Women’s Movement” (Tavgera Azadiya Jinen Ezidxan - TAJÊ). The outcome declaration of the conference stated that women have a great duty in ensuring returns to Shengal and in the fight for unity and organisation, saying: “The salvation of Shengal, liberation of the occupied villages and the rebuilding of Shengal are duties that await us.”


The declaration stated that an assembly of 31 people was elected in the conference and that the executive council and coordination will be elected among the assembly.

The declaration reads: “Our conference has revealed a treaty that includes the fundamentals of our organisation, our understanding of organisation, our means of organisation and our structure. As stated in the treaty, we have reached a flag as the Êzidî women. Our flag will go through the necessary revisions as advised by the conference constituents and will be shared with the public afterwards.” and states that the conference is gifted to the women who lost their lives fighting ISIS.

The declaration continues: “Repeating the promise and determination in developing the self defense and the self organisation they dreamed and longed for, carrying our people to freedom and victory; we have accepted Martyr Berivan Şengal and Martyr Berivan Arin as the symbols of resistance for Êzidî women, as well as accepting the women martyrs of Mediban in the person of Martyr Gülçin as the symbol of revenge and courage against the enemy.”

“We the Êzidî women who have reached the awareness to organise based on Leader Apo’s ideology and philosophy consider Leader Apo’s freedom as central to our struggle and say that Leader Apo’s freedom is the freedom of Êzidî women", says the final declaration and higlights the decisions made during the Conference as follows:

- to raise the struggle based on women’s freedom against patriarchal power structures and mindsets, developing a democratic and libertarian social organisation based on self strength and self will.

- to organise in all areas of life such as self defense, politics, society, economy, diplomacy and health with the common women’s perspective based on our self organisation as women and to forge necessary institutions and organisations.

- to develop relationships with women and their organisations in all areas where Êzidîs are present, to create organisations that will lead to the unity of Êzidî women through common mechanisms and platforms.

- to ensure and advance the organisation of women forcibly displaced from Shengal during the last firman, to promote and lead the return of Êzidî women back to their land.

- to lead the organisation of the society with the ultimate goal of overcoming the lack of organisation.

- to attain political status as Êzidî society on the basis of the belief and culture authenticity to the extend permitted by international laws, and to struggle in the cases not permitted by laws.

- to struggle in order for Êzidîsm to be assured and protected in the presence of the UN against the numerous massacre, displacement and assimilation policies suffered by the Êzidî society.

- to strengthen and extend the Shengal Women's Resistance Units (YJŞ) in consideration of the fact that the awareness and organisation of self-defense is of vital importance to Êzidî women.

- to resolve the issues with regards to health, economy and employment within our own society, to form organisations for projects and works for the rescued enslaved women with the on-site support of international institutions and organisations.

- to found the institutions and organisations necessary to develop communal economy, education, health, social and cultural works on the basis of women's perspective.

- to extend works for the education of women.

- to develop relations and act in solidarity with the women and women's movements from the structures of various minorities and oppressed communities in and outside Shengal.