Women in Rojava make preparations for March 8

Women's organizations in Rojava announced their March 8 schedule. The two-week actions and activities will be dedicated to the resilient women from Leyla Agirî to Sada Faysal al-Harmoush and the freedom of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan will be demanded.

Women's organizations in North-East Syria announced their program to mark March 8 International Women's Day in a press release at the Reading Park in Qamishlo city.

The event was attended by members of Kongreya Star, Women's Council of North-East Syria, Autonomous Administration Women's Coordination, Syrian Women's Assembly, Democratic Union Party Women's Assembly, Syriac Women's Union, Syrian Future Party Women's Bureau, Democratic Society Congress Women's Office, Syrian Democratic Council Women's Bureau, Hilala Zerîn Movement and women representatives of non-governmental organizations. Berîvan Yunis, a member of Kongreya Star, read out the joint statement.

In their statement, the women said, "We, as the women's organizations in North-East Syria, will take to the streets on the basis of the enhancing the resistance of world women against male domination, violence and oppression."

Women will carry out their actions and activities under the motto "Our Struggle is the Guarantee of the Women's Revolution". The 8 March events will be dedicated to the memory of the martyrs of Zehra Berkel, Hebun Mele Xelîl, Amina Weysî, Leyla Agirî, Sada Feysel al-Harmoush, Hind Latif al-Khedr and the martyrs of Til Rifat.

The schedule of actions and events to be held in North East Syria from February 23 to March 8 is as follows:

* Kongreya Star will organize seminars on occasion of March 8 in all cities, districts, towns and villages of North East Syria from February 23 to February 28.

* In all cantons, on March 8, women will greet the Women’s Day with a city tour in cars.

* The PYD Women's Council, Kongreya Star and Hesekê Canton Council will organize a mass rally on March 1 in memory of Sada Feysel al-Harmoush and Hind Latif al-Khedr, who were murdered by ISIS in Shaddadi town of Hesekê. On the same day, a mass march will be held in Shehba in memory of the Til Rifat martyrs.

* Women’s Festival will be held in Qamishlo on March 1 and 2.

* On March 2, a mass march will be held by female members of the Asayish (local security) with the aim of supporting the women's defense forces.

* Seminars and cultural events will be held for disabled women on March 3.

* On March 4, seminars will be held within the objective of changing and discussing the male-dominated mentality. An education cycle will be opened for men and men will march in a city.

* On March 5, a mass march will be held in Kobanê, Qamishli and Shehba, demanding the freedom of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

* On March 6, an 8 March event will be held at Newroz Square with the participation of 10,000 women.

* The Young Women's Council will organize seminars and distribute leaflets in all schools, universities and high schools on March 8. Along with the Kêvana Zerîn Cultural Movement, folklore, competitions, bicycle race, film and documentary film screenings, traditional dress exhibitions will be organized. Refugee camps will be visited and roses will be distributed.

* Traditional clothes will be worn throughout March.

* The Kongreya Star Diplomacy Committee will distribute leaflets and pictures portraying the lives of the leading women from women's struggle known in Kurdistan, the world and the Middle East.

* On March 10, Kevana Zêrîn will organize a cultural event.

* The signature campaign launched for the prosecution of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is held responsible for the war crimes committed in North East Syria, will continue.