Women Defend Rojava calls for defense of press freedom and women's revolution in Kurdistan

Women Defend Rojava pointed to the comprehensive attack concept against the Kurdish liberation movement and called for the defense of press freedom and the women's revolution in Kurdistan.

The Women Defend Rojava campaign called for the defense of press freedom and the women's revolution in Kurdistan. "A few weeks after millions of people voted in local elections in Turkey for a political and peaceful solution to the Kurdish question, Erdoğan is intensifying the war,” the call said. The activists pointed out the Turkish army's military operation in Southern Kurdistan and said: “The aim of the attacks in recent days is to drive out the local population and the Kurdistan Freedom Movement guerrillas protecting them and to bring the area under Turkish control. The Turkish state wants to gain power over its own trade route between Europe and Asia. The local people in the villages show great resistance to the occupation attack and remain. Together with the guerrillas, you stand up for the Kurdish demand for freedom!"

The statement continued: "The attacks on the Kurdish media in Belgium as well as the raids and arrests at the Kurdish social center in Paris are also related to the current invasion operation by the Turkish state in Metina. It is no coincidence that the searches and destruction of the Kurdish television channels MedyaHaber TV and Stêrk TV by the Belgian police coincide with arrest operations against the free press in Turkey. It is no coincidence that they coincide with searches and arrests in Paris and Marseille. It is no coincidence that they coincide with the military attacks on Kurdistan by the Turkish state. These are many different forms of attacks on the Kurdish demand for freedom. These are attacks that want to break the women's revolution with all their might. But they won't be successful! Together we defend life!"

Women's revolution in Kurdistan

The statement added: "The Kurdish freedom movement is a women's movement. Women are pioneers in all areas. They form autonomous councils, self-defense units and organize themselves in all parts of life. Building these organizations is their defense! Under attacks like the current ones, economic hardship and embargo, new projects are still emerging. Worldwide, the women's revolution in Rojava, in northern and eastern Syria, has become an inspiration through the daily struggle of women and the building of a democratic council system.

Just as the liberation struggle of Kurdistan is a fight for the freedom of all of us, these attacks are also attacks on the freedom of all of us! Let us take to the streets alongside the Kurdish liberation struggle! Let's defend freedom of the press! Let's defend the free mountains of Kurdistan! Long live the women's revolution!"