Women celebrate 8 March in Kurdish cities

Women in Kurdistan and Turkey took to the streets to mark March 8, International Women's Day under the supervision of TJA and HDP.

The Free Women's Movement (Tevger Jinê Azad-TJA) and the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) Women's Assembly took to the streets and organised actions as part of the 8 March, International Women's Day in Kurdistan and Turkey.

Women who are members of the Confederation of Public Workers' Unions (KESK) Women's Platform in Amed gathered at the Office Post Office in Yenişehir district to call attention to violence against women and femicides. They said, "Women who were arrested because they had to defend themselves should be released."

Women came together at events in Lice, Ergani, Kayapınar, Yenişehir and Hazro districts. Gathering at the women's meeting in Lice, women distributed carnations. Women visited houses in Hazro and distributed leaflets during their visit to tradeswomen in Ergani. The women who met at the HDP District Organization building in Kayapınar talked about the importance of 8 March at their meeting. In Yenişehir district, women distributed leaflets regarding 8 March.


HDP deputy Muazzez Orhan, Çaldıran Municipality’s co-mayor Leyla Atsak, who was dismissed by the government, and many women activists attended the women's meeting in the Çaldıran district of Van.

The meeting continued with a cinevision screening titled "Women's Labor". After the screening, women performed a halay dance with songs performed by local artists.

A meeting of women was also held in the HDP Özalp District Organization building. Speaking at the meeting attended by many women, TJA activist Handan Bağcı said that March 8 is a "week in which male domination is suppressed and women raise their voice.”


Solidarity cards were sent to women prisoners in Adana. Sevil Arac Bek, a member of Adana Women's Platform, highlighted the importance of solidarity with the prisoners. HDP Adana MP Tülay Hatimoğulları emphasized that women are in a struggle both inside and outside, and that they are standing upright and that they will increase the struggle in every field.


Solidarity cards were sent to women prisoners in Mersin. Speaking at the event, Zeynep Benli, a member of the Mersin Women's Platform, said that the women's rebellion that started in 1857 continued. Benli added that women would be in solidarity to denounce violence against women.


KESK Women's Council in Antalya demanded the release of women arrested for self-defense, and the effective implementation of the Istanbul Convention and Law No. 6284 at a press conference held at the Eğitim Sen office. Devrim Mol, Spokeswoman for the KESK Antalya Branch Platform  said that they will send the petitions containing their demands to the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services and the Ministry of Justice.


Women gathered at the HDP Suruç District Organization building in Urfa, visited tradesmen accompanied by men and women and distributed carnations to women. Later, the women activists held a festival in Suruç Aligör (Elîgor) District. When the police intervened to stop  the drums, the women performed a halay dance with local drums (erbane).


In Şırnak, TJA and HDP Women's Assembly distributed carnations to women in Güçlükonak, Silopi and İdil districts. Women who visited women in the neighborhood market in Güçlükonak ignored the police interference and distributed carnations.