Woman abducted 8 times by gangs in Afrin speaks out

A woman named H.S. who has been abducted by the Turkish army and their allied gangs 8 times and released on ransom spoke out about what she went through.

The invading Turkish state and their allied gangs continue to steal, abduct, pillage, torture and impose other inhumane practices, against women in particular. Former Popular Defense Units (HPC) member H.S. who has been subjected to these practices spoke to ANHA about the experience.

The woman named H.S. from the Gewrika village of Afrin’s Jindirese district said the following on her experiences: “When the gangs invaded the village, we couldn’t leave the village due to my mother’s illness and because gangs had cut off the road to Afrin. All the roads had been cut off, and my husband was with the people fighting against the invaders at the time. The gangs abducted me one midnight and took me to a village base when they heard I had been a HPC member. They interrogated me due to my position and wanted me to tell them where the fighters were.”

H.S. said the invading Turkish state and their allied gangs impose inhumane and immoral practices and added: “The gangs threatened me with death and torture during the interrogation.”

H.S. stressed that the gangs do immoral things to the women they hold hostage in their bases and that the women are tortured: “In order to get information, the gangs first threatened to abduct civilians, and they would torture the people they did abduct.

H.S said the gangs forced civilians to use Turkish GSM providers so they can monitor phone records.

The woman who has been abducted by the Turkish army and the gang groups several times concluded her words with: “The gangs took 150.000 Syrian Liras from us to let us pass from the village to Sherawa. We went through a lot of difficulty for 3 months to come here. I used to have nightmares about what I lived through.”

The invading Turkish army and their allied gangs continue their inhumane practices against civilians in Afrin. Hundreds of women and children have fallen martyr in these attacks, while the fate of many women is unknown.