Viyan Hêvî - a doctor and guerrilla fighter

Viyan Hêvî is a doctor in the guerrilla areas in Southern Kurdistan. "Our tiredness disappears when we see our companions smiling. We enjoy working and fighting in the guerrilla life", she tells.

Viyan Hêvî joined the guerrilla in 2015. In her life with the guerrillas, she is both a doctor and a fighter. While she physically treats the injured and sick, she also tries to alleviate their psychological injuries through conversation.

When asked how she joined the guerrilla and what the difficulties are as a doctor in the guerrilla life, Viyan answers: "I was searching for a solution within the system for a long time and took on many tasks, but my initiatives did not meet with positive answers. I wanted to stand on my own feet. When I joined the guerrilla, I realized that there were too few doctors. The conditions in the mountains and the war situation cause injuries. I wanted to take on such a task in the guerrilla so that we could treat ourselves and save lives. There is no doubt that there are difficulties. But these difficulties strengthen our attachment to our work even more. When we treat a friend successfully, we are very happy. They then return to their work in good health. That is sacred to us."

The guerrillas fight diseases with their natural life

Viyan continues: "In society, disease and chaos have spread at the highest levels. The reason for the diseases is capitalist modernity. The coronavirus is the clearest example of this. The system that produces the diseases also prevents their treatment. This system feeds on human blood. Abdullah Öcalan made a comprehensive analysis of this society. With his paradigm we are trying to oppose this situation. With this philosophy, the guerrillas have created awareness of the colonial system of exploitation and have reached the highest possible level in the fight against every disease. Guerrillas become their own doctors with the help of this philosophy. The guerrilla fights against diseases first in the mind, then overcomes them. The fresh air in the mountains and the clean water flowing from the hills ensure the health of the guerrilla. The people can benefit from the mountains of Kurdistan in every season. All kinds of herbs grow here. Living in nature has a positive effect on the health of the fighters."

Our tiredness disappears when we see the others smile

Viyan, both a doctor and a guerrilla fighter, tells the following: "Our tiredness evaporates when we see the others smiling. We enjoy working and fighting in the guerrilla life. We enjoy doing everything. On this basis we treat our friends. I may be a doctor at the moment, but I am also a guerrilla fighter and I also carry out other tasks. To be successful, you have to like your work.

Young people must consciously fight against the system, they should not fall under its influence. They should get to know the movement and get to know the thoughts of Abdullah Öcalan."

After saying goodbye to us, Viyan packs her doctor's bag, shoulders the rifle and sets off for another guerrilla area to help her companions.