University students join the ranks of YPS-Jin in Cizre

A group of young women have joined the ranks of Women's Civil Defense Units (YPS-Jin) in Şırnak's Cizre district.

A group of young women have joined the ranks of Women's Civil Defense Units (YPS-Jin) in Şırnak's Cizre district.

The group of university students had recently gone to Cizre in solidarity with the popular resistance against the state terror which continues for the 29th uninterrupted day. The young women have joined the ranks of YPS-Jin which as women's self-defense units has undertaken, alongside YPS, the responsibility to protect the people and their living areas from the state forces that attack with a huge military force.

The young women made a press statement announcing their participation "in the ranks of the resistance against the state terror in Cizre and annihilation concept pursued against the Kurdish people". The university students called upon all youths and women to join the ranks of struggle.

Yekîneyên Parastina Sivîlan-YPS has recently announced its establishment in Cizre, Nusaybin, Silopi, Sur, İdil and Şırnak. This has been followed by the announcement of YPS-Jin in Şırnak's İdil district two days ago.

Previously active YDG-H has re-organised itself as YPS self-defense units in the face of the recently escalated onslaught of the Turkish state against civilian population in North Kurdistan.

Founded as asayish (public security) force in Cizre in 2013 upon a call by Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan, YDG-H (Patriotic Revolutionary Youth Movement) started a fight against Turkish state-backed prostitution, drug and bad habit networks aimed at corruption of Northern Kurdistan. The drug and prostitution traffic in Diyarbakır's central Sur district, which witnesses a heavy battle today, collapsed by up to 80 % after operations by YDG-H that has maintained the safety of Kurds in Kurdish cities and Turkish metropolitans.

While countless YDG-H members fought in Kobanê or resisted at the border, other groups led the uprising in the cities of North Kurdistan and Turkey in solidarity with Kobanê in 2014's early October. This uprising helped draw the attention of international community on Rojava Kurds and receive their support.

In the wake of the Kobanê uprising, when the Turkish state started to launch operations on Kurds, YDG-H started to mount self-defense by digging trenches against the state attacks aimed at them in their living areas.

YDG-H's women's faction YDG-K (Patriotic Revolutionary Women's Movement), which is now evolving into YPS-Jin, joins this struggle by fighting for women's liberation and freedom, which constitutes the basis of Kurdish Freedom Movement as well. “We join the self-rule resistance for our self-freedom” they say.