TJK-E: We will take to the streets for Afrin women tomorrow

Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe said, "We will be in the streets to raise the voice of Afrin women," and called all women and peoples to participate in the demonstrations to embrace the Afrin resistance on February 20.

In a written statement the Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe (TJK-E) said, "Afrin has established and developed self-government bodies since 2011 with a population of up to 1 million, including the refugees. Although they were frequently attacked by the Turkish state and its gangs, the people of Afrin had a democratic rule that preserved stability in the city center.”


The statement continued, "The occupying Turkish state, which sees common and democratic life as a threat, and the jihadist groups affiliated to it launched a military operation on 20 January 2018 to invade Afrin. Thousands of civilians were killed and injured. Hundreds of women were either murdered, abducted, raped, tortured, or sold in slave markets. The infrastructure and civil organizations of the region were destroyed. The biggest crimes against humanity of this century were committed aiming at an ethnic genocide in the region and violating international laws. Afrin is one of few cities in this region that has stability. Moreover, tens of thousands of immigrants from other parts of Syria settled in Afrin.”


The statement also included the following statements:

"During the 3-year occupation in the Afrin region, the Turkish state and its gangs committed femicide. Hundreds of women were killed, abducted, raped, tortured, sold in slave markets. A significant part of these crimes and inhumane practices are still waiting to be revealed. International institutions should act urgently against this reality of invasion and genocide taking place in front of the eyes of the whole world. All humanity should speak up against this massacre of women.

One of the main goals of the '100 Reasons to Judge the Dictator' campaign, which we have introduced as the Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe, is the murder of women in Afrin. One of the biggest crimes of dictator Erdogan is the murder of women, which is the result of the policies of the genocide he has carried out in Afrin. Erdogan should be tried in international courts as soon as possible. The United Nations should take urgent action for the genocide in Afrin. The Council of Europe should impose sanctions on the invading Turkish state. We say that femicide should be recognized as an international crime.


We will continue to raise the voices of Afrin women. Therefore, on February 20, we women, Kurds, women's institutions and organizations, the components of the European Democratic Forces Union, Kurdish parties and institutions will be on the streets all over the world.

Let us shout once again that the resistance for the liberation of Afrin is our resistance in our marches and rallies with the slogan "No to Occupation, No to Femicide".

We invite all our people, especially women, and democratic forces to join the marches we will hold to protest the massacres of women in Afrin by the invading Turkish state and its gangs."