Kurds and their friends to take to the streets for Afrin all over the world

Kurdish parties and institutions in Europe call for strong participation in the marches and rallies to be held on February 20 against the occupation of Afrin by the Turkish state.

Kurdish parties and institutions in Europe and the European Democratic Forces Union made a written statement regarding the series of actions to be organised for Afrin all over the world.

The statement includes the following:

"On Saturday, February 20, we will organize marches and rallies in Europe, Canada and Australia to support Afrin with the motto "No to Occupation, No to Femicide". We invite everyone to support the resistance in Afrin and protest against the massacres and femicide committed by the invading Turkish state and its gangs in Afrin.


Mass demonstrations will be held in all countries for Afrin with the participation of everyone who stands against the Turkish occupation in Kurdistan, the murder of civilians in Afrin, and attacks on Kurdish achievements.

We hope that all parties and participants in these protests will show the world public that the Kurdish people are determined, confident and alive.

Let us display, along with all the Kurdistan political parties, intellectuals, artists and our people, the pictures of the women massacred and kidnapped by the invaders in Afrin to expose the invading Turkish state and its gangs. Again, let's shout out the slogans of resistance of the people of Afrin, who fought heroically and resisted against the invading Turkish state and the gangs.

Let us, as the Kurdish parties and organizations in Europe and the European Democratic Forces Union, which have the signatures below, unite with a national stance and reflex in the actions we will take in all Europe, Canada and Australia on February 20 under the slogan "No to Occupation, No to Femicide".

We, as Kurds and their friends, call for participation in the actions to be held against the occupation of Afrin by misogynist Turkey and its gangs, with the spirit of resistance of the Rojava revolution. "


The parties and institutions partaking in the actions are as follows:

PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan)

GORRAN (Change Movement)

KCDK-E (European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress)

Kongra Star (Women’s Movement in Rojava, North-East Syria)

TJK-E (Kurdish Women’s Movement in Europe)

Partiya ŞÛÎ Kurdistan Başûr

Partiya Zahmetkêşan - Başûr

PADÊ (Partiya Azadî û Demokrasiya Êzîdiya)

Tevgêrê Azadî

PYD (Partiya Yekîtiya Demokrat)

P.D.K.S (Partiya demoqtat a kurdi ya sûrî)

Partiya Çep a Kurd li Sûrî.

Tevgera Nûjen ya Kurdistanî-Sûrya.

PÇDKS (Partiya çep a Demoqrat a Kurd li Sûriyê.)

Partiya Demokrata Kurd li Sûriya (El Partii).

Partiya Çep a Democrat li Sûriya.

Partiya Rêkeftin a Kurd li Sûrya.

Partiya Çaksaziya Kurd li Sûriya.

Partiya Kesk a Kurdistanî li Sûriya.

Partiya Demokrata Kurdistanî li Sûrya.

Partiya Komanist a Kurdistanî li Sûriya.

PÎK (Partiya islamiya Kurdistan)

KKP (Partiya Kominista Kurdistan)

Tevgera Kawa

PJAK (Partiya Jiyana Azada Kurdistan)

Yakyatî Şorşgêrî Kurdistan

KODAR (Civaka Demokratîk û Azada Rojhelatĕ Kurdistan)

KJAR (Civaka Jinên Rojhelatî Kurdistan)

Horam Platform

Zagros Plattform

Yarsan Plattform

Yarî Kurd

Partiya Dimokrati Pêşvero Kurdi Li Surîya

Tevçand (Tevgera Çand û Hunera Kurd)

Kurdische Gemeinde Stuttgart e.V

FEDA (Federessiona Elewîyên Kurdistan)

NAV - YEK (Federasyona Komelên Êzidiya)

Kurdische Zentrum Berlin

CIK (Civaka Islamiya Kurdistan)

Institute Kurdî - Germany

Institute Kurdî - Brussels

MŞD (Meclissa Şingal a Derveyî Welat)

YMK (Yekîtîya Mamostayên Kurdistan)

YES (Yekitiya Êzdiyên Sûri)

Kurdisch Gemeinde Brandenburg - Berlîn

Dachverband der Êzidischen Frauenräte

DKF (Deutsch-kurdisches Forum) e.V Dresden

Mesopotamia People's Congress

Mesopotamia Freedom Party

Kurdistan Human Rights Association

ADGB (European Democratic Forces Union)