TJK-E "Stand up for change and freedom" demos tomorrow

The TJK-E launched its first initiative on 19 July with the slogan "Stand Up for Change and Freedom". Now the first actions will be taking place today and tomorrow in various European cities.

The European Kurdish Women's Movement (TJKE-E) launched a new initiative on 19 July with the slogan "Stand up for change and freedom".

The initiative was launched on the day of the anniversary of the Rojava revolution.

The first major action of the initiative will take place tomorrow, Saturday 7 September with marches in various cities in Europe.

TJK-E said in a statement: "The AKP has turned to the HDP and usurped the municipalities of Amed, Van and Mardin as part of its plans of occupation of Rojava and North Kurdistan. The Turkish state is the master of ISIS."

Women will break the siege

The statement added: "A radical change and real freedom cannot be achieved without social problems being solved. As the Kurdish Women's Movement we have launched the initiative 'Stand up for Change and Freedom'. It is also a response to those who want to strangle the search for alternative life established after the women-led Rojava revolution."

TJK-E continued: "Marches will be held in Cologne, Berlin, Frankfurt, France, Paris, Marseille and Zürich. For this reason, we urge all women, feminists, anticapitalists, socialists and democrats who claim freedom to join the march on 7 September and unite our voice and power. Now is the time of women".

The actions to be organized by TJK-E are:

6 September


Location: Platz der Menschenrechte

Time: 18:30

7 September


Location: Cologne HBF front

Time: 13.00


Location: front of Frankfurt HBF

Time: 14.00


Location: Excel Center

Time: 11:00


Location: Claramatte, Basel

Time: 15:00


Location: Place de la République

Time: 17: 00


Location: Kanabiyer square

Time: 18:00


Location: Republiqe Square from Colombier

Time: 16:00.


Location: Odenplan

Time: 15:00


Location: Nytorv København

Time: 13: 00


Location: Meri-rastilantie 24

Time: 17:00


Location: State Library

Time: 16:00


Location: Unterlüß Bahnhof / Celle

Time: 13.00