TJA: This resistance is for life!

TJA called on women to join the 8 March rallies and added that women are struggling and resisting to live and to keep life.

Free Women’s Movement (TJA) issued a written message to mark 8 March saying: “Women are in resistance for freedom, women are on strike; we are greeting 8 March with enthusiasm and commend women on this day which became universal thanks to the women who resist around the world, Clara, Rosa, Sara, Seve, Nudem.”

Underlining the ongoing violence and attacks against women all over the world, TJA said that Kurdish women are leading all women of the world in the resistance.

TJA called on women to join the 8 March rallies and added that women are struggling and resisting to live and to keep life.

The statement said: “In this process where women are fighting all kinds of oppression, violence, exploitation and isolation that the men-dominated system tries to impose on women, women are organized: we continue our struggle against all odds.

While the Third World War, which was initiated by the capitalist-statist civilization, has been deepening in the Middle East day after day, the struggle for equal and free life, co-existence of peoples, beliefs and cultures is developing under the leadership of women as a third way.

We have never been silent against the policies of oppression, exploitation, isolation and violence carried out by the AKP-MHP alliance which has been in power for 17 years. Wherever we are we continued to struggle shoulder to shoulder.

In the face of all these fascist policies, against the sexist, prohibitive, oppressive and offensive mentality of the male-dominated system, we continue to resist.”

The statement continued: “The absolute isolation imposed on Abdullah Öcalan, the leader of the Kurdish People's, has also prevented the development of a democratic solution leading to a lasting peace.

Our leading politician Leyla Güven is on hunger strike together with deputies and hundreds of people against the attitude of the fascist AKP-MHP alliance.

Hundreds of women and political prisoners have gone on hunger strike, the resistance has spread all around the world.

Against those who want to condemn us to darkness today, we are responding with the resistance of Leyla.

We are resisting the fascist mentality that tries to intimidate us by enlarging the resistance.

We will continue to increase our struggle by raising our voice.

We're on strike!

We call on Amed, Van, Batman women to step uo the struggle against fascism on 8 March.”