TJA: Rise up for the Kurds in war

It is a humanitarian duty to call for mobilisation for peace instead of calling for mobilisation for war, said TJA.

Free Women’s Movement (TJA) released a statement calling for immediate action to stop the Turkish state’s genocidal campaign seeking to invade North and East Syria which is taking place amid numerous cases of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The statement includes the following;

“Turkey and the groups who are affiliated are conducting heavy war crimes in North and East Syria since they started the occupation aggression on 9th of October including mass executions and deadly attacks against  civilians. With these aggressions of the regime of Republic of Turkey, the confederal, woman egalitarian and ecologist system is being targeting and the regime wants to relocate the jihadist mercenaries into the areas that they want to cleanse from the Kurds and other peoples who are living with the Kurds peacefully.

Thousands of civilians had to flee their homes, hundreds of people wounded and died because of the aggression by the Turkish army that has deployed its artillery elements and attacks along the border of Rojava.

According to the figures of Rojava Health Committee published on the 19th of October, 239 civilians have lost their lives and 770 civilians wounded due the attacks that started on the 9th of October. According to the figures of Kurdish Red Crescent (Heyva Sor a Kurd) which were only registered in the hospitals, 210 civilians wounded and 74 civilians lost their lives. According to these figures, a 3 years old child and 73 years old civilian are among the dead and the average age of civilians who have lost their lives is 26.

In addition, 20 percent of the people who lost their lives are women. Among the wounded children there some whose skins have deeply burned. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has declared that they are conducting an investigation about the suspected use of chemical weapons against civilians.

Nusaybin, Kızıltepe, Ceylanpınar, Akçakale and Suruç town centres and villages located at the border with northern Syria are also suffering from the occupation and incursion of Turkey.

According to the statements of local people, there have been between 50-60 artillery shootings only in Nusaybin where 12 people lost their lives and more than 70 civilians wounded by artillery attacks.  In Akçakale a 9-month-old baby with another person lost their lives, in Suruç 2 people and in Ceylanpınar 2 children lost their lives and there are tens of wounded people.

With the occupation of the North and East Syria, many different ethnic and religious minorities are going under threat and it is obvious that the aggressions are against democratic, egalitarian and free woman paradigm system in North and East Syria.

On the 12th of October a convoy of civilian people was attacked in Girê Spî and the Secretary General of Syrian Future Party Havreen Khalaf was murdered by mercenaries.  Circulation of a video showing the death body of the Havreen Khalaf by media outlets of the mercenaries is a clear sign of the brutal attacks against women.

This is our call for stopping this war that contradicts with the agreements signed by all parties (OTTOWA, KYOTO, CEDAW, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UN Children Rights Agreement, Geneva Convention on War, UN). It is a humanitarian duty to call for mobilisation for peace instead of calling for mobilisation for war.”