TJA launches "Towards Freedom with Jin-Jiyan-Azadî" campaign in Urfa

The Kurdish Women's Movement TJA presented its campaign "Towards Freedom with Jin-Jiyan-Azadî”"in Urfa. The starting point of the campaign is “the resistance of Jina Amini, who became a symbol of an uprising in the 21st century with a strand of her hair."

The Free Women's Movement (TJA) has announced the start of its campaign “Towards Freedom with Jin-Jiyan-Azadî” (Bi 'Jin Jiyan Azadi'yê ber bi azadiyê ve) in Urfa (Riha). The press conference at Yıldız Saray Guesthouse was attended by DBP Chair Saliha Aydeniz, Green Left Party’s MPs and many other women.

The campaign is scheduled to last until International Women's Struggle Day on 8 March 2024 and includes a wide range of topics as well as a call to all women fighting for freedom. As the lawyer and TJA activist Suzan Akipa, who also works on the editorial board of Jineolojî magazine, said at the press conference, the starting point of the campaign is “the resistance of Jina Amini, who in the 21st century, with a lock of her hair, became the symbol of the Jin Jiyan Azadî uprising. Under the slogan “Woman Live Freedom”, a social revolution has spread from Rojhilat to all parts of Kurdistan and the whole world. The TJA is sticking to its claim to freedom and is once again announcing through its campaign that it is determined to fight against the destructive effects of the male-dominated fascist system and the government made up of AKP, MHP and Hüda-Par as the representative of this system.

Murders of Kurdish women

In view of the war and occupation in Kurdistan, the TJA called on the world public to stand on the side of the freedom struggle. Suzan Akipa pointed out the deadly attacks on some leading Kurdish women in recent years and said that these attacks are directed against the women's revolution. “The murderers of Nagihan Akarsel in Sulaymaniyah and Evîn Goyî in Paris should know that the women's liberation struggle does not stop. Because the women who demand freedom in the spirit of Jin, Jiyan, Azadî have become torches on the path to social liberation. As TJA, we launch our campaign with the power we get from these torches. We call on women in Turkey, feminist organizations and all women around the world to lead this fight together.”