“The organized anger of women will defeat patriarchy and fascism”

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on 25 November, Besta Firat of Kurdistan's Free Women's Party stated that only organized anger and awareness of women can defeat patriarchy and fascism.

Women's organizations must go from house to house to reach and organize all women, says Besta Firat of the Kurdistan Free Women's Party (PAJK). According to her, violence against women can only be counteracted by organized consciousness and fascism only through organized anger.

Besta Firat commented in the women's program "Rojeva Jin" on the Kurdish TV channel Stêrk TV on the occasion of the upcoming international day for the elimination of violence against women on 25th November. Firat spoke on state politics, the common struggle of women and the methods developed by them.

In order to understand and analyse the still existing patriarchal system, one has to return to the past, Besta Firat said in the program: "Women were the first in history to be colonized and subjected to violence. The patriarchal system has been built on this violence.”

The system first targeted women and, as a result, the society as a whole, said Besta Firat and continued; “Over time, a culture of violence has emerged. The fight against this culture of rape and violence cannot be limited to the 25th of November alone, but must take place at every moment of life."

“The anger of women becomes more visible”

In Kurdistan, violence is being used intensely in every aspect, said Firat, according to whom the system relies more and more on violence to overcome its crisis and to stay on its feet.

Pointing out the daily attacks on and killings of women and the existence of a domination on women's bodies, thoughts and lives, Firat said the habitat of women is extremely limited due to the sexism promoted by fascism, while at the same time, the anger of women over this situation is becoming increasingly visible.

Besta Firat also commented on the significance of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan for the Kurdish women's movement as he revealed the free will of women, guided women to achieve a consciousness of freedom and stood against violence against women.

Firat remarked that there is also a connection between the isolation of Öcalan and the isolation imposed upon women. She said the Kurdish women's liberation movement will continue its campaign to break the isolation and to give a greater struggle against violence in the person of Öcalan.

Importance of the women’s conference

Remarking that a long-term struggle is necessary to be able to reach all women, Besta Firat said the international women's conference, which took place in Frankfurt last month, was extremely important because it gave cause for hope as women from all over the world came together under the motto "Jin Jiyan Azadî" (Woman, Life, Freedom), a slogan developed by Kurdish leader Öcalan.

Organisation of women

Women's organizations need to go from house to house and from street to street to reach all women, to give them an awareness of freedom and to organise them, said Besta Firat and added "Violence can only be tackled through organized awareness. Fascism cannot withstand organized anger."

At the end of the program, PAJK member Besta Firat appealed to the men affected by state violence: "Men must analyze the relationship between the system and slavery, transform themselves and fight side by side with the women."