The important role of women in Northern Syria

"We hope that the conclusions of the Congress will open the way for the Syrian dialogue."

Sûhêr Sermîni, member of Syrian Women's Council, spoke to ANHA about the 3rd Congress of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) and the latest developments in Syria.

Sermîni said that regional and international powers should be put under pressure to develop a dialogue process in Syria to ensure that the Syrian crisis is solved through negotiations before any external interventions. She added that this process should be set in motion given the developments in the military and political area in Syria.

Sûhêr Sermînî said that the 3rd MSD Congress held in Tabqa provided an important framework to discuss strategic points for Syria.

Sermînî also reminded that the Tabqa land were returned to the city dwellers after it was liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters that defeated the mercenaries of DAESH (ISIS).

At the MSD congress, said Sermînî, the many colours of Syria were shown as well as the experience of all the peoples sharing a free, safe and common destiny.

"We hope that the conclusions of the Congress will open the way for the Syrian dialogue."

Recalling that the role of the SDF fighters was of great importance in the liberation of Syrian lands from ISIS, Sermînî added: “The occupying Turkish state and mercenaries want to extend the Syrian crisis and this is why they invaded Afrin and other cities. Our belief is that all Syrian lands will manage to free themselves from the invading Turkish state and mercenaries. Afrin must return to its true residents. We will never allow invaders on our lands”.

Sûhêr Sermîni ended her remarks by pointing out that women have a very important role in the Northern Syrian Revolution:

"Women have a major role in the governance of the society. We say that women should be involved in every aspect of life. And indeed in Northern Syria, women are involved in every aspect of life and that includes struggle. We hope that Northern Syrian women will share their experiences with women throughout Syria.”