Tabqa Domestic Security Forces save two Êzîdî sisters from ISIS

Tabqa Domestic Security Forces have saved two Êzîdî children from ISIS gangs.

13 year old H.X. and 15 year old X.X. are from Shengal’s Dokrî village. When the KDP’s armed forces abandoned Shengal and fled, the Êzîdîs were left to their own devices and thousands of Êzîdîs were murdered by ISIS gangs. Thousands of Êzîdîs like these two children were also abducted and enslaved.

The Domestic Security Forces are to deliver the two sisters to their family in Shengal in a couple of days.

Since the Wrath of Euphrates operation began, more than 140 Êzîdî women and children have been saved from ISIS gangs.

Tabqa Domestic Security Forces administrator Kefa Sincar stated that they had saved two Êzîdî women from ISIS 3 days ago, and promised to save all Êzîdî women held by ISIS.