Socialist Women’s Union: Isolation must end at once

Socialist Women’s Union Germany saluted Leyla Guven and stated that the isolation must end at once.

Socialist Women’s Union Germany issued a written statement on Leyla Guven, on a hunger strike against the isolation.

“Leyla Guven has launched an important struggle representing the will of resisting women,” said the statement which is as follows:


“Now everybody has the responsibility to show more solidarity with the hunger strike Leyla Guven has launched! Leyla Guven is resisting against the tyrannical politics and practices of the patriarchy. The demands posed by hunger strikes spread throughout Turkey, Kurdistan and Europe increase the insurgence and struggle against the AKP dictatorship as well as demonstrate once again the legitimacy and unavoidability of the struggle.


Leyla Guven has increased the inspiration for resistance not just in our women, but our people in general. As women, we embrace the mass action lunge of the time and call on all to increase this struggle in Germany.

Leyla Guven’s hunger strike resistance has achieved its first big success with Mehmet Ocalan’s visit with Abdullah Ocalan.”

The Socialist Women’s Union stated that the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan must be lifted at once.