Revolutionary Young Women's Movement calls for all-out struggle

Revolutionary Young Women's Movement has called on all the women to give an all-out struggle to break the chains of slavery against the fascist male-dominant system.

Revolutionary Young Women's Movement which had announced its establishment and initiation of a new struggle process for all the young women in Kurdistan on September 11, 2016, has released a statement marking the 4th anniversary of the murder of Sakine Cansız (Sara), Fidan Doğan (Rojbin) and Leyla Şaylemez (Ronahi) in Paris on January 9, 2013.

Stressing that the triple murder aimed to suppress the Kurdish women's freedom movement in the person of Sara, Rojbin and Ronahi, the Movement remarked that Kurdish women responded to this suppression attempt by joining the barricades in Cizre, Sur, Silopi, Gever and Nusaybin against male domination.

“The resisting women were once again targeted in the person of Fatma, Pakize and Sêvê comrades as the organized and resisting women constitute the greatest danger for the male-dominant system. At the 4th anniversary of the 9 January conspiracy, an effort is being made to spread male terror and onslaught policy into the whole the society over women. All kinds of brutal and savage attacks are being perpetrated in an ongoing femicide and all the revolutionary women are being targeted by the male state. The fascist and colonialist Turkish state, which manifests itself as the concrete organised manner of male dominance, and its single voice AKP government, are targeting all the young women with the policies they put into effect. During the AKP ruling, rape and sexual abuse became ordinary and violence became the language of this government. A degenerated life is being created through drugs and prostitution. Promotion of manhood aims to eliminate the identity of resisting women.”

Noting that the February 15 plot targeted the Kurdish leader who had gifted women a free life, the Revolutionary Young Women's Movement remarked that “life must be made miserable for the enemy in order for the elimination of these policies against the Kurdish people and revolutionary women from January 9 to February 15 conspiracy”.

The Movement emphasised that “the ideal women for the enemy” is the model that sits by their brothers, fathers and husbands, serves as a birth-machine, is forced to marry as a child or with their rapists and remains silent on the policies of genocide, while the freedom struggle of Kurdistan women has proved to be a free and alternative life for all the women around the world.

Revolutionary Young Women's Movement has announced the initiation of a new action process as of January 9, 2017 against all fascist, colonialist and male-dominant practices, saying that this process will reach the peak at the anniversary of the January 15 plot. The statement underlined that all women must unite and display resistance in all the areas of life, organize Serhildan (popular uprising in Kurdish) under the leadership of young women, turn this chaos process into a sphere of freedom, and create a free country with free Leader and free women.

Revolutionary Young Women's Movement called on all patriotic, revolutionary and socialist young women to unite around the paradigm of Öcalan, to create free life through struggle, to destroy male terror and create a society based on women's freedom.

The Movement furthermore called upon women to join the ranks of struggle by resisting and getting organized, and to enhance the guerrilla struggle with popular uprisings in order for the liberation of women with the motto 'Serhildan under the leadership of young women, revenge until freedom'.