PYD Women’s Congress kicks off in Rimêlan

Women are discussing their role in shaping the new society.

The Women's Organization of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) began its founding congress with the slogan "Free woman is the guarantee of an ethical and political society".

The congress, held at the Aram Tigran Culture and Art Center in the town of Rimêlan in Qamishlo, is attended by hundreds of women from Northern Syria while delegates coming from Southern Kurdistan to Rojava faced great problems in crossing the border.

The Congress began with a minute’s silence. Speakers from the PYD, Martyrs' Families Council, Kongreya Star, Syrian Women's Council and Democratic Autonomous Administration are expected to deliver their speech.

Lina Yusif, a member of the Martyr's Families Council said that women proved themselves both in the military and political field during the Rojava Revolution and that the PYD has worked for women’s freedom and the democratic nation. She added that women have given hundreds of martyrs to this struggle.

Evin Swed, from Kongreya Star, celebrated the anniversary of the 19 July Rojava Revolution.

Evin added: "The work of women in the PYD and the establishment of the council and co-presidency system is something to be proud of".

Mizgin Ehmed spoke on behalf of the Democratic Autonomous Administration Women's Coordination. She emphasized the importance of congress for women and added that the PYD has recognised women's important role in the shaping of the society. Mizgîn added that women have made great efforts despite the ongoing war and made huge steps towards freedom.

Mizgîn emphasized that women’s struggle is organized in all areas of life in order to get rid of the patriarchal mentality.

"We will continue to struggle using all opportunities available at such a historical time. - she said - We will share our thoughts and ideas with all the women of the world in order to defeat the patriarchal mentality and we will get rid of the dominant system".

The PYD Women's Council will be established at the end of the Congress, while annual reports and the evaluations of the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan will be read and discussed.