Preparations for November 25 completed in Euphrates region

Demonstrations will start tomorrow in Northern Syria and Rojava as part of the November 25 day against violence against women. The demonstrations are organized by the Sara Organization and the Kongreya Star.

Preparations for the demonstrations against violence against women organized by the Sara Organization and the Kongreya Star in the Euphrates region centered in Kobanê have been completed with support from women in all institutions, the SYPG and the human rights association.

Seminars, screenings, plays and marches will be held in Kobanê’s villages and communes. The demonstrations are to start tomorrow.

Sara Organization administrator Shirin Muslim said women will say enough to male violence and called on all women to take to the streets and participate in the demonstrations.

Shirin said this year’s demonstrations will also condemn the isolation imposed upon Leader Öcalan and attacks against women of Afrin.