Online seminar by Women Defend Rojava Tübingen

The Tübingen local group of "Women Defend Rojava" dealt with the special warfare of the Turkish state on an online meeting.

An online seminar of Women Defend Rojava Tübingen took place on Tuesday evening. The local group in Tübingen had invited a speaker from Cenî, the Kurdish Women's Office for Peace, who gave a lecture on the topic of special war.

After a first educational event, which could still be held offline in Reutlingen in October, this time the group switched to an online platform. About 20 people attended the event.

Besides the irregular special war and the coup d'état, the psychological special war aroused the interest of the participants. In the final round, the ever-growing individualism and the relationship between society and the individual were mentioned as points that particularly encouraged further reflection.

In order to be able to publish pictures of this photo event, an improvised photo was taken after the break under the current circumstances. On the one hand, reference was made to the campaign "100 Reasons" of the Kurdish women's movement, which starts today on November 25. Furthermore, attention was drawn to the current threat situation in Shengal. With posters with the words "Hands off Shengal" the participants showed their solidarity with the local autonomous administration of the Yazidi homeland.