November 25 demo in Maxmur in solidarity with all women in struggle

In Maxmur camp in southern Kurdistan, a demonstration to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women called for solidarity with struggling women worldwide.

A demonstration took place in Maxmur camp to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. November 25 is a "day of struggle for solidarity," said the women from the self-governing camp, where about 12,000 people from northern Kurdistan have found refuge.

During the march, the crowd displayed pictures of the Mirabal sisters who had resisted the regime under dictator Rafael Trujillo in the Dominican Republic and were murdered on November 25, 1960. Other pictures were carried in memory of murdered Kurdish revolutionaries such as Sakine Cansiz and Leyla Agiri.

In a speech, Bêrîvan Kaya, co-spokeswoman for Maxmur’s Education Commission, pointed out the significance of the day and reminded the audience that political activists around the world are met with hostility and murdered. "Women are fighting for freedom all over the world and in Kurdistan the struggle is led by women. The resistance that women in Rojava, Shengal and Maxmur are putting up against ISIS, the occupiers and the patriarchal system of rule is considered exemplary around the world and gives hope everywhere. Thousands of women have fallen in this struggle. We declare our solidarity with all women who are fighting against male domination in this world."