MSD Co-chair Ehmed: YPJ is the guarantee of women and future

Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) Co-chair İlham Ehmed stated that the Women and Defense Workshop is of historic importance for the future of the Middle East.

Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) Co-chair İlham Ehmed spoke to ANF on the Women and Defense Workshop in Kobanê in which she also participates as well as the YPJ's leading role in the organization of this workshop.


Ehmed pointed out that important political and military developments are taking place hand in hand under the leadership of Kurdish women in Northern Syria, and said “Crucial transformations are taking place in the Middle East. As is known, the war in Syria is the '3rd World War'. The entire system is being updated with this world war. Syria is playing a leading role in the Middle East. Establishment of a democratic system in Syria is of great importance in order for there to be a general transformation in the Middle East. For this reason, the struggle women are giving and the level they have reached in Northern Syria have been historic steps in the political and military aspects of this system.

The role of women and the level of their organization are crucial and form a basis with regards to securing the establishment of Northern Syria Democratic Federal System and Democratic Federal Syria.

Previous revolutions in history that were realized with the motto of freedom and democracy did not bring about freedom and democracy due to women's lack of organization and conscience to carry out self-defense. These revolutions only defeated the dominant powers. This time, it will be different and the mentality and organization level of the entire society will change.”


İlham Ehmed stressed that the level of women's organization in Northern Syria with regard to self-defense was a quite significant experience for both the world history and the general history of women. She said the followings regarding the importance of the workshop in this regard:

“Successful steps are being taken and will continue to be taken. Women's participation in military and self-defense areas guarantees a democratic and egalitarian system and women's freedom. What we mean here is not related with military aspect alone. Self-defense in political, militaristic, economic and all other areas is paramount.”

The significance and meaning of women's physical and military self-defense is being debated in this workshop, and women's experience in military aspect is being shared. The military developments in Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria and the four parts of Kurdistan, and the dimension of women's participation in these developments are being discussed. The developments experienced during worldwide revolutions so far are being shared and discussed. It is important to share women's participation in these struggles and this creates a great power. Therefore, this workshop is very important in terms of sharing experiences, co-organization, and formation of women's general military council.”


İlham Ehmed noted that the YPJ is leading the workshop and has an important place for her as well as for many other women., and continued: “The workshop is being led by the YPJ currently. YPJ has gained a powerful and spiritual place for women, peoples and the society. YPJ is weaving the future of a new society with their heroism and this has an impact on all the women in the Middle East. Women in Egypt, Tunisia, Palestine and other places follow the footsteps of the YPJ and take it as their model to renew and revitalize their experiences.

For me, YPJ as the self-defense organization of women is the guarantee of the future. No matter what happens, any woman that suffers from violence can say that she has a self-defense force that she can lean on. I lean on the YPJ as well. Therefore, I see myself as part of the YPJ as many women do. I am wearing this uniform because I see myself as part of the YPJ. We as women should improve the YPJ and the self-defense of women together.”


Lastly, MSD Co-chair İlham Ehmed celebrated the April 4 for all women and the Kurdish people, adding: “Tomorrow is April 4; a very important day. It is both the birthday of Leader Öcalan and the day YPJ was established. I can say that women were born on the same day as Leader Öcalan's ideas and philosophy. This is how we view it. We celebrate April 4 for all women. We call upon all women, young or old, to have their self-defense and organize all aspects of life with defense mechanisms.”