“Let’s turn everywhere to women’s resistance positions”

Women’s United Revolutionary Movement (KBDH) celebrated International Women’s Day and called on all women to turn everywhere to women’s resistance positions.

Women’s United Revolutionary Movement (KBDH) Council released a statement to mark March 8 International Women’s Day. Highlighting 8th March’s spirit of resistance, the statement read “the flag of the resistance is being waved by the mothers, children and YPJ fighters of Afrin”.

The organization commemorated the female resistance fighters and said that they will keep their promise of raising the struggle to the women martyrs.

“Women are under attack both physically and spiritually. The women who are mounting organized resistance are targeted brutally. They are trying to destroy women who resist. Today, in Turkey, a patriarchal method is developed in the same line with ISIS, to kill and torture women. AKP is responsible for this. The state and patriarchal system is responsible for this” the statement read.

KBDH said that the invasion operation on Afrin is on the same line with AKP’s policies against women and said that women should say “no” against fascist attacks.

Women’s United Revolutionary Movement called upon all women to join the protests against the invasion attacks on Afrin and said, “The resistance of women, women saying ‘no’ will end the dirty colonialist and patriarchal government of AKP and MHP. Therefore, let’s unite and raise our voices. Let’s destroy fascism”.