Kongra Star: Effects of Turkish invasion on women and children

The Kongra Star Statistics and Research Committee visited the wounded or the families of those women who lost their life as a result of the Turkish invasion to establish more in depth information about the situation of civilian women and children.

The Kongra Star Statistics and Research Committee, Qamishlo published a detailed report analysing the situation and consequences of the Turkish invasion which began on 9 October on women and children.

The reports lists the names, injuries and where these ocurred, of 41 children and 53 women, as confirmed by Heyva Sor in the period 9 - 31 October. 

Heyva Sor estimates the numbers as much higher: there have been casualties and deaths in local hospitals that they have not being able to register, and there are multiple civilians dying in areas which are too dangerous for medical crews to access.

Kongra Star and Women Defend Rojava ended their report making the following remarks: "Based on all the evidence which is shown here and widely available, Kongra Star considers there to be a genocide taking place in Northern Syria, and simultaneously a femicide in the political sense, considering women as a social group. The attacks on the system of the Autonomous Administra- tion of North and East Syria are an attack on women’s safety and freedom. On top of this, there is the extreme humanitarian impact of this invasion which impacts women and chil- dren, and therefore communities, by far the most grievously."

Kongra Star added: "We consider it imperative that a political solution is found for the situation in Syria, one that incorporates the voices of all ethnic groups, all ages, faiths and organ- isations, and above all the voices and needs of women. In order to begin this process, the women of North and East Syria must be permitted to send delegates to represent them in the drafting of the Syrian Constitu- tion and all processes related therewith.

It is also essential that due process is followed for all war crimes and prosecu- tion of all perpetrators enacted. In order to achieve justice, there must be official recog- nition of genocide and femicide committed by the Turkish state and its affiliated forces."

In the shorter term, to put a stop to the physical and social crisis caused by the Turkish invasion, the violence, displacement, war crimes, deprivation and violations, Kongra Star said the following measures "must immediately be taken by the international community:

- A No Fly Zone over Northern Syria to stop a level of indiscriminate violence and allow self defence forces to protect their people from massacre

- End of occupation, practices of genocide and femicide, and immediate withdrawal of occupying Turkish army and all related armed groups from the territory of Syria

- The introduction of a Peacekeeping Force from the international community at the Turkish-Syrian border to prevent further aggression of the Turkish army

- Economic sanctions placed on Turkey forthwith and the cessation of all weapons trade with Turkey

- Immediate intervention of humanitarian support to the region of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria".