KCDK-E: Women's struggle terrifies the AKP-MHP government

The European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress released a statement to mark the March 8, International Working Women's Day and said, "Women's liberation struggle raises people’s hopes in Kurdistan and Turkey."

In a written statement the European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress (KCDK-E) Co-Presidency Council commemorated “the 129 women workers who embodied the spirit of March 8 in its 164th year".

The statement said "March 8 is a rebellion and resistance against the exploitation of the female body and labor. It is the day of struggle for the honorable women who represent enlightenment against the medieval darkness of the barbarian ISIS in the Middle East.


There are millions of women chanting the slogan "Jin, jîyan, azadi" (Woman, life, freedom) against the misogynist and rapist oppressions of the AKP-MHP fascist government. The government is frightened by the women's struggle for freedom and equality.

One source of inspiration for the rise of the women's movement is the honor struggle of heroic women in Kobanê and Rojava. Women's liberation struggle is leading the way as a great hope for the people of Kurdistan and Turkey.

The struggle for freedom that women take part in and lead will surely achieve success by saving humanity.

Capitalism kills, women sustain. Women present the only salvation to smooth away wars, massacres, murders, poverty and all kinds of oppression.

As we enter March 8, let's expand the struggle by joining women’s fight.

Women like Sakine, Beritan, Leyla Qasim, Zilan, Arin Mirkan, Bese, Asiye Yüksel and mother Taybet are the symbols of March 8 and socialized women's resistance.

As KCDK-E, we celebrate the March 8, International Working Women's Day in the person of all women who struggle for a free life, and we say let's embrace struggle for a free life and a world where all the oppressed live together."