Jineoloji Academy organizes workshop on women's revolution in Tabqa

Northern and Eastern Syria Jineoloji Academy and Social Sciences Leadership Academy organized a workshop about Abdullah Öcalan's thesis regarding the women's revolution.

Northern and Eastern Syria Jineoloji Academy and Social Sciences Leadership Academy organized a workshop on the women's revolution. Dozens of women from Tabqa canton, committees affiliated with the Jineoloji Academy and the women's movement attended the workshop held at the Zenûbiya Women's Community Martyr Adar Harûn Academy.

A video was shown about the role of women in society, how women's roles were ignored in the past, how women proved themselves with the ideas and theses of Leader Abdullah Öcalan, and how they saved themselves from the capitalist and patriarchal mentality.

The first topic of the workshop, Leader Abdullah Öcalan's thesis on women's history, was presented by Zehrîban Hisên, spokesperson of the Aleppo and Shehba Jineoloji Center. Hisên drew attention to the situation of women in the Middle Ages and how the capitalist and patriarchal mentality decimated women and destroyed their identities.

The second topic of the workshop, sexism, was presented by Dêrik and Hesekê Social Sciences Leadership Academy member Eylül Rizgar.

Rizgar said: "Religious, mystical, philosophical and scientific epics are the product of the male mentality that holds power. Women must fight for women's freedom and transform men."

Underlining that Leader Abdullah Öcalan called this the killing of hegemonic masculinity, Rizgar said that this should be one of the goals of the women's revolution.

The issue of women and family, which was discussed in the third session of the workshop, was presented by Manbij Jineoloji Center spokesperson Mêrvet Mehmûd, who said: "Without women, the columns and ceiling of the building would collapse. The only way to build a happy family is with women. Women have a great role in psychological stability."

The fourth topic of the workshop was presented by Tabqa Jineoloji Center spokesperson Mariya El Meter, who said: "Free co-existence is based on equality between both sexes, free from slavery and oppression on both sides."

The topics were discussed and resulted in a final declaration. At the end of the workshop, it was decided to:

"-Spread the thesis of Leader Abdullah Öcalan on freedom,

-Organize panels and meetings to promote free co-existence,

-Increase the fight against sexism,

-Correct women's history."