International Women Conference in Frankfurt taking shape

The program for the International Women Conference to take place in Frankfurt, on 5-7 October is taking shape

The International Women's Conference will be held in Germany from 5 to 7 October.

Preparations are underway for the International Women’s Conference to be held in Frankfurt on 6 and 7 October. 

The Rojava revolution no doubt carries the character of a women's revolution. To talk about the achievements and challenges ahead, women from different parts of the world, who have been gathering and organizing around this new communitarian paradigm, will meet in the German city. 

In the call to women and friends, the conference organisers write: “We want to bring together and combine our knowledge, power to change and our experiences in the conference “Revolution in the Making”. We think that as much as an in-depth analysis of state-class civilizations’ ways and methods used in the colonization of women there is a need for the revival of the resistance memory of women”. 

Organisers added: “We find it extremely important that we share experiences; so that we can be prepared for patriarchal system’s new attacks. We will thus be able to create paths, methods and perspectives that can match the conditions, qualities and needs of our age. So that we can organize ourselves and create our alliances from the local to the universal. Against the constant attacks of the patriarchal system we will be able to weave a durable network of resistance. Thus, we will have the opportunity to become an active subject of the most gripping struggle of our age.

Now is women’s time, now is the time to weave this future together and is time to make the 21st century the century of women’s and people’s freedom!”

The program is beginning to take shape. 

Session I: Crisis of Patriarchy and its Systemic War on Women

Session II: Workshops

1. The rise of fascist regimes and their impacts on women
2. Feminicide, sexual violence and self-defense
3. Ecology
4. Matriarchal communities and social identities
5. War, displacement and politics of migratisation
6. Colonialism, capitalist modernity and impacts on women
7. Feminisation of poverty and communalist economy
8. Women and social media
9. putting our theory to practice

Second Day:

Session III: Women’s Struggle for Freedom: Fis to Kobanê and Manbij to Raqqa

Session IV: Different localities, universal struggles: Experiences of women’s movements

Session V: Revolution in the Making – Weaving our future together

Details of the conference can be found here: 

Mail address: [email protected]