HDK's Kılıçaslan says violence against women increased in March

Violence against women recorded in March this year increased 38 percent compared to the violence cases in March last year

Fatma Kılıçaslan from the Peoples' Democratic Congress (HDK) Women's Assembly underlined that the environment for many women forced to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic is extremely dangerous.

Many women trying to protect themselves from the risk of the coronavirus are exposed to domestic violence at home, said Kılıçaslan who emphasized that violence recorded in March this year increased 38 percent compared to the violence cases in March last year.

Kılıçaslan noted that women who are subjected to violence by the men nearest to them during the pandemic are often forced to live with them in the same house. "The responsibility to protect and take measures falls on the state, however women and children are often fighting for life against both the Covid-19 virus and the virility virus."

Kılıçaslan pointed out that some countries have taken measures to counter violence against women during a process such as this, but "in countries like Turkey - she said - there are very insufficient preventive measures. Particularly, women applying to shelters are not accepted, they are sent back to their homes. Again, women who have been subjected to violence in this process have a hard time making a decision to leave."

The HDK executive also reminded that the fact that women politicians, intellectuals and journalists have not been included in the recent law of execution "is a clear indication that their right to life is usurped. With this law, the state applies a law which is anti-women, children, workers and the oppressed society as a whole."

Another attack that became systematic in this process was launched against the co-chair system, which is one of the equal representation gains of women. Assigned to Kurdistan municipalities are men trustees."

Militarist mentality more dangerous than a virus

Fatma Kılıçaslan emphasized that the government has put aside the struggle against the pandemic and continued its occupation policies in Syria. She insisted that AKP wants to deepen the war with its military deployment to Idlib and Libya.

Reminding that 3 women lost their lives in the air attack on Maxmur refugee camp last week, Kılıçaslan said: "This situation shows that the militarist mentality is more dangerous than a virus. 

We will always be in favor of peace. Unless women organize forces and increase their self-awareness, no action can be taken to free women from this spiral of violence and exploitation. Women should increase solidarity and struggle. We are the ones who will establish a woman-led free, democratic, ecological new life." 

The HDK Women's Council has launched initiatives to provide economic, legal and psychological support for women.