Female guerrillas march to victory embracing Beritan’s spirit

YJA STAR guerrillas say that they are marching to victory by embracing the spirit of Beritan on the anniversary of her martyrdom.

YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops) guerrillas Azadî Koçer, Devrim Şirnex and Viyan Botan spoke to Stêrk TV to mark the 29th anniversary of the death of Kurdish female guerrilla, Gülnaz Karataş (nom de guerre: Beritan) who was encircled by a group of KDP peshmergas on a hilltop in Xakurke, Southern Kurdistan on 25 October 1992 and threw herself off a cliff, refusing to surrender.

The female guerrillas stated that Beritan's resistance illuminates their struggle. “We, too, will fight the enemy like Beritan. We will again respond to betrayal. They will never be able to make us submit,” they said.

Azadî Koçer: We embrace the legacy of Beritan’s resistance. As YJA Star forces, we follow in her footsteps. Hundreds of our comrades on the battle fronts are currently putting up the very resistance she displayed against betrayal in the 90's. The spirit of that era is revived today. We will fight with that spirit, and we will succeed.

Devrim Şirnex: The principle of patriotism revives today in the person of Beritan. One of the most prominent features today is patriotism. The love for the country and the land and devotion to people and the leader come to the fore. The resistance line became our torch. Beritan fought against various mindsets that were imposed on her and other women. We, too, will fight the enemy like Beritan. We will again respond to the line of betrayal. They can never make us submit.

Viyan Botan: Beritan’s audacity impressed me very much. I watched a movie about her while I was still at home. I researched her life. She had a very impressive life which indeed encouraged me to join the guerrilla ranks. Beritan represents a political line. Currently, hundreds and thousands of guerrillas are resisting and struggling by embracing that line.

The action of Heval Rustem in Heftanîn is also a way of resisting in order not to fall into the hands of the enemy. Beritan's courage and comradeship are guiding us. As a YJA Star guerrilla, I will continue my struggle along the line of Beritan. We will never bow down.