Female fighters of MMC: We’ll continue fighting until the liberation of all women

On March 8, female fighters of the Manbij Military Council speak about their motivation and vow that they will continue fighting until the liberation of all women.

Manbij Military Council (MMC) defends the city against the occupant Turkish forces and their jihadist mercenary allies. Many women are also autonomously organized in the ranks of the military council of the northern Syrian city. ANHA news agency spoke with some of the women.

"March 8 is the day of the uprising - whether military or civilian"

A fighter of the Manbij Military Council, Sema Rêna, said, "March 8 is the International Women's Day, a day of uprising of all women, whether military or civilian. It is the day of struggle against violence against women. We as female fighters are on the frontlines against the invasion. We will liberate the women who are subjected to violence.”

"Our achievements are obvious"

Fighter Viyan Zagros said: "The women have fought for important achievements in the military, political, administrative and all other fields. Important steps have been taken to enforce gender equality. Thanks to the idea of a democratic nation, we have freed ourselves from patriarchal mentality. Moreover, the achievements we have made in all fields are obvious. We have won victories against all anti-women forces, especially ISIS."

"Women can liberate the world from capitalism"

Emîra Ehmed from the Manbij Military Council said, "March 8 is the day when women protest against the patriarchal mentality and unite in struggle. Women have proven themselves. They can express themselves freely in all fields and can lead society. Women who are oppressed by capitalism can also fight for freedom. The experience of Rojava is obvious. Women should participate in all fields - such as the administrative, military and political fields. Women will continue the struggle for the establishment of a political and moral society."