Female commanders from Raqqa return home for liberation

Cihan Sheikh Ehmed and Klara Raqqa have returned to their hometown Raqqa as battle commanders years later.

A large number of female combatants are taking part in the operation to liberate Raqqa from ISIS. Fighting on the frontlines, women continue striking ISIS in the heart.

Female commanders of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are leading every step taken during the Raqqa operation.


SDF Commander Klara Raqqa and Wrath of Euphrates Spokesperson Cihan Sheikh Ehmed, both of whom come from Raqqa, are in constant action and mobilization in the operation to liberate their city from ISIS.

Footage by YPJ Press Office shows the female commanders following every second of the campaign.

Cihan Sheikh Ehmed and Klara Raqqa who were born and raised in Raqqa and joined YPJ later on are visiting the fighters in the battlefield, touring the liberated areas of the city and meeting with civilians. Both commanders then search on map for the houses they were born in.

The operation to liberate Raqqa is very important for the world but it is of greater importance for women who fled the ISIS atrocity in the city and had to take shelter in Rojava like thousands of other Kurds, and who are returning home as commanders and fighters today.