Erdoğan seeks salvation in war

Erdoğan wants to turn the world against the Kurds. He identifies everything the Kurds do with terrorism and closes all the paths to a solution. According to them, Kurds are a shackle on their feet. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of the Kurds.

It is clear that the fascist Erdoğan regime is deepening Turkey's deadlock. Since 2015, the AKP has been in a state of continuous attack against the Kurdish people. They wanted to enter the second century of the Republic with the victory of the "One Nation, One State" genocide plan without the Kurds. From this point of view, Turkey as a whole was taken as a field of operation.

Erdoğan lost the election on 31 March. On the night of the election, he said that he would evaluate the messages given by the people in the election. But in the same speech he also emphasised that he would "deal a fatal blow to the Kurds". How will a mentality and an administration that aims for death and annihilation against the Kurds draw conclusions from the elections? Obviously, there are no conclusions for them to draw. The mindset is the same. This means that war and attacks will continue, billions of dollars and the lives of thousands of people will be wasted. In this case, there is no possibility for the economy and the legal system to recover.

The AKP-MHP government defined Kurdistan as "Terroristan". They had previously labelled the border areas where Kurds lived in Rojava as a terror corridor. However, this was not enough for them. Now, they are declaring the whole Kurdistan as an enemy and operation area. They refuse to recognise the existence of the Kurdish people. If the existence of a people is recognised, their natural rights as a people are also recognised. There is a Kurdish population of over ten million in Turkey. But even their right to education in their mother tongue is not recognised. Erdoğan makes speeches about the importance of language and its development, but when it comes to the Kurds, their language is written down in the parliamentary minutes as "an unknown language". They are trying to prevent the concept of Kurdish from entering the minds and coming to mind.

Turkey has always been a special battlefield for the Kurds anyway. Kurds have long been targeted in every respect. Uninterrupted and endless operations on them have continued all the time. However, after 2015, the Kurds were put under a heavier attack with the so-called "Decomposition Plan". Those who had such an extermination plan obviously could not be limited to the Kurds. In order for this plan to run smoothly, they turned the whole of Turkey into a field of operation. Citing a so-called a coup attempt, they started operations against the army and inside the state. These operations are still continuing. They dismissed more than a hundred thousand people from the civil service on the grounds that they were Fetullahists. They carried out a purge from generals to ordinary civil servants, Kurdish and democratic circles, academics. These operations are still continuing.

All the people of Turkey became the target of these operations in order to continue the war against the Kurds and to secure public support. Especially the psychological operations carried out through the press made all the people of Turkey a target. They rendered the people of Turkey unable to think, unable to know where they were heading. In the end, they wanted to establish a fascist regime by militarising Turkey. They eviscerated all institutions. They filled the press with special war elements. They modelled themselves on Hitler's form of government. The marginal racist MHP has become a ruler of Turkey. What does the MHP have to offer to the people of Turkey? Its existence and mission are to do the dark, dirty work of the state. But Erdogan presented them all the facilities of the state.

Well, this policy and the system ended up in a deadlock. Can there be an expectation that Erdoğan will make an electoral reckoning and get out of this impasse? No. Because the AKP itself has lost the characteristic of being a party. This party has been turned into a tool for Erdoğan's power. There are no mechanisms for discussion and democratic betterment within it. Who will say that it was this war and anti-Kurdish behaviour that made them lose? There is no political identity left around Erdoğan.

Even in his speech in which he said that he would make account of the election results, Erdoğan declared that he would attack the Kurds and crush them in Iraq and Syria. For this purpose, he is having endless negotiations with many powers and states, including the USA, Russia, Iran and Iraq. He wants to turn the world against the Kurds. He identifies everything the Kurds do with terrorism and closes all the paths to a solution. They do not see the Kurds as a partner and source of power. According to them, Kurds are a shackle on their feet. They are an obstacle to their expansionist ambitions in the region. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of the Kurds.

Is there anyone who can analyse and make sense of Erdoğan's partnership with the MHP? It cannot be said that there is. This dark and bloody partnership has not been questioned, investigated and discussed in Turkey as it deserves. Even after the elections, Bahçeli is still trying to set Turkey in order and bring politics into line! Erdoğan says he will discuss the election defeat, but he never mentions the MHP. How can those who unite with the MHP get Kurdish votes and support? They do not even mention this.

As a result, Erdoğan does not have the chance to do a true electoral review. He does not have the will and power to return from the deadlock he has entered. He will continue to kill and crush the Kurds as he knows and does. He has no power to part ways with the MHP and Ergenekon. As a sunken person, he will continue to sink the Kurds. The Kurdish people and democratic circles should evaluate the process correctly in the light of these facts.

Source: Yeni Özgür Politika