Buldan: Women should unite and lead the change

"We should unite as women and be the pioneers of change," stated HDP co-chair Pervin Buldan and stressed that all elements of society should unite in opposition to Imrali isolation.

Under the leadership of Co-Chair Pervin Buldan and Women's Council Spokesperson Ayşe Acar Başaran, HDP female provincial co-chairs met at the party headquarters in Ankara to discuss the new political line and prepare for the next term.

During the meeting's opening remarks, Buldan addressed the women kept hostage in prisons.

"With the co-presidential system of leadership, we have assured that women take an equal position in the decision-making mechanisms," Buldan remarked and said the following:

"As of today, we have the highest level of female parliamentary representation in the legislature. Together with our female co-mayors, we have secured equal representation of women in local administrations wherever we won the municipality. Developing a unique women's organization in the legislature in the most efficient manner possible, we have ensured that women are represented equally in all decision-making procedures at all levels of our structure. Without a doubt, all of these are the result of a great woman's effort and suffering, and they represent the achievements of our extremely precious women. It is a common achievement for all women.We advocate a democratic, just and peaceful system.Women who create the world with their labour are the hope of freedom of this country.

We presented our demands and words against labour exploitation, women's poverty, injustice, and inequality at all of our gatherings. Believe that under women's rule, we will undoubtedly put an end to poverty and labour exploitation. We will ensure a job, a decent living for everyone and create budget for women if we work together. Women were once again at the forefront of our 'We Are the HDP, We’re Everywhere' meetings. We were there to witness it. In the women's struggle, women have strongly supported the HDP, the women's party, and they continue to do so. This solidarity is the source of our struggle's power that will lead this country to justice, equality and peace. In our enormous public meetings, we witnessed once again that the HDP and the women's campaign against the HDP are very valuable to the women of our country. The country's current single-minded patriarchal leader is well aware of this. That's why he put our multifaceted fight on the target board."


Buldan also made the following evaluations:

"Of course, we are aware that we are confronted with the reality of a government that steals women's lives, work, rights, and the rule of law through misogynistic policies. We see that the AKP-MHP administration, which is on the edge of losing power, is attempting to stifle and derail the social opposition, women, and the HDP's battle through force and oppression. They have adopted a subversive policy against our party, from detention-arrest operations to State of Emergency practices, from the 4 November coup to the trustee coup. Their only fear is the HDP, the women. In addition, a political closure lawsuit against the HDP has been initiated for this purpose. This endeavour is result of a monist patriarchal power structure and its goal is to keep women out of politics.

The Taliban in Afghanistan and ISIS in Rojava are examples of oppressive mentalities toward women. We need to reach out to more people and improve our understanding of the HDP's ideas and policies. I particularly believe that there should be no woman whose hand we have not held and whose heart we have not touched. This is something I especially ask you.


The HDP is more than just an opposition party; it aspires to rule the country. In terms of both thought and power, the HDP is the closest party to this. Women strive to and will someday rule our country. Nobody should have any reservations about it. From diseases to forest fires, earthquakes to floods, it has been demonstrated that the government is incapable of managing and abandons the people in desperation. Their main concern is for their own seats, safes, and grandeur.

In the face of this disaster of political power, we, as women, must unite and be the pioneers of change!


One of the most basic issues confronting the country today is the Kurdish question, as well as the government's illegal isolation campaign against Mr. Öcalan in İmralI. Isolation has locked up Turkey and encircled its people. We can break the siege by enlarging the solution and peace block against the impasse and isolation that stand in our way. This will both open the path for democracy, justice, and peace, as well as put an end to the impasse and plunder policies that have dragged the country into darkness and disorder. This truth should be seen by all parts of society, and a common position against isolation should be taken. No one should doubt that sunny days will only be possible if the isolation is shattered. We, women, are aware of this fact, and we will intensify our efforts to address it.The light of women will lighten the country's dismal air."