26 young women join the guerrilla ranks on Öcalan's birthday

On the occasion of 4 April, the birthday of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, 26 young women announced their participation in the guerrilla struggle.

In a statement in the mountains of Kurdistan, 26 young women stated that they joined “the leader to avenge Martyr Bişeng and Martyr Sara”.

Making a press statement in the Sorani dialect of Kurdish and Turkish, the young women stated that "Leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan) is the name of an epic of resistance in İmralı to protect the honour of Kurds and to present a women's libertarian, democratic and ecological life to all peoples".

Emphasising that they will "never accept a life without the leader", the young women said, "By rebelling against colonialism in all four parts of Kurdistan, we, as 26 young women from Kurdistan, turn our faces to the sun, our leader, and join the guerrilla ranks on April 2024, 4 April to ensure the physical freedom of the leader."

"The place of every young person and every young woman who wants to live an honourable life freely, humanely and womanly is in the sacred mountains (...) We call on all young people to join the leader", the statement read.

Calling for "raising the fire of resistance on the path of Bishengs and Saras", the young women said, "Everyone should know that we can only achieve freedom, democracy and a womanly life through struggle. On this basis, we call on all young people and young women to meet with the truth and flock to the ranks of PKK and PAJK."