Turkey awards the family of Taksim suicide bomber in Jarablus

The family of the ISIS member and Taksim bomber are members of the ‘Jarablus assembly’ established by Turkey. Turkey has awarded several pro-ISIS members of the family of Nebil Fadli, who had massacred 11 people in Taksim, Istanbul.

After their occupation of Jarablus, the Turkish army and affiliate gang groups have identified Manbij and Jarablus Military Assembly located in the village of Amarna between Manbij and Jarablus as their new targets. The reason why they target Amarni village and Manbij is that they try to cover the tracks of their collaboration with ISIS, on which critical evidence emerged recently.

ISIS-supporter Fadli family is from Amarni village and is one of the prominent families in Manbij and Jarablus. This family resides in Amarni and Manbij, and is led by Abıd Abdullatif also known as Ebu Şahab. Four of Abdullatif’s sons are ISIS members.


Nebil Fadli is one of the four ISIS-member sons of Abıd Abdullatif and killed 11 tourists in Taksim, Istanbul on January 12, 2016. He was born in Saudi Arabia, recruited to the Muslim Brotherhood, and lived in Saudi Arabia for many years before massacring 11 civilians in Taksim.

Abdullatif has two sons that died while fighting for ISIS. Mihemmed was killed during the ISIS attack on Kuvayris Airbase in Der Hafır in 201 and İbrahim was killed in the clashes with Jabhat al-Akrad and the Army of Revolutionaries in Shehba region during ISIS attacks on Shehba.

Abdullatif’s only son currently active in ISIS is Memduh, who has taken part in training cycles and later joined the battle in Jarablus. Abıd Abdullatif and his oldest son İşhap live in their house in Armani village.


Not only Abıd Abdullatif’s sons but also his brothers carry out important duties inside ISIS. Abdullatif’s brothers Adıl and İbrahim live in Jarablus and are part of the so-called police security forces created by Turkey, and Memduh is a member of the so-called civilian assembly created by Turkey.


Abıd Abdullatif’s house in Manbij’s Serab neighborhood is used as the ISIS headquarter in Manbij. The Taksim suicide bomber Nebil, Abıd’s other three children and his brothers were based and serving in this building. Many people from Manbij say Nebil went to Taksim from Manbij, stating that Nebil had been a member of FSA groups and Ahrar al Sham before joining ISIS and carrying out the massacre in Taksim.


After the liberation of Manbij, members of the Abdullatif family evacuated their house and left the city along with ISIS members. Manbij Military Council seized the house and is now using it as its own base.The people of Manbij state that their town is finally free because they can now visit the house that was once a place of torture and humiliation under ISIS occupation.


Members of Fadli family are not the only people that were supporting ISIS but are now acting together with Turkey and its affiliate gang groups. Many people from Shehba region that used to support ISIS now support Sultan Murad and other groups affiliated with Turkey. Some of these people are: Halit Hamiş from Exterin, Hatım Abd al Jabbar from El Ela, Halit Malümün from Şıddud, Cedan Casım from Numan, Semih El Uni from Beran, Zekur Malü from Şıddud, El Kak Hesun El Abid from Qibbesin, Yaser Muhammed Hemid from Şava, and Abdulkadir Casım and Rustem Maruf Ebu Muhammed from Şava.

These people have transferred from ISIS to Turkey-affiliated groups Sultan Murat, Ahrar al Sham and Fırkat al Hamza during Turkey’s attempt of occupation of Syria, and participate in the attacks against al Bab and Manbij, and their villages. Since these people mainly come from Shehba, people suspect that they will get more influential positions in the probable attacks against the region in the future.