The secret gang of the Reis

Some emerging photographs show that the Turkish President Erdoğan is creating a new gang of recruits from Central Asia and the Caucasus.

Two years ago, Jabhat Al Akrad, later the Army of Revolutionaries, had announced that fighters brought from Central Asia and Turkistan were made to fight around Aleppo, especially in Shehba. These people who fought in Syria were then moved to Jarablus within the Sultan Murad gang. After ISIS handed Jarablus over to the Turkish army and their allied gangs, the families of these people were settled in Jarablus as well.

Recently, photographs of some of these people have started making the rounds wearing Turkish army commando gear. It was revealed that the numerous Central Asian Turks with photographs in Turkish army gear are part of the mountain commando battalions.


One of those in the photographs is a man named Susluhan Korkmaz who has several photographs in mountain commando gear all around Kurdistan. Some of these were taken in Kurdistan mountains, and some seem to have been taken in cities with self government resistances like Sur, Cizre, Nusaybin, Şırnk and Gever. There are even some posts from Muş.

Korkmaz identifies himself as “of Kirghiz origin, but grew up in Ankara”. He studied in Kyrghz Turkish Manas University State Conservatory.

Korkmaz’s photographs in Ankara look like they were mostly taken around the Gölbaşı area, which suggests that he was trained in the Special Units under the Special War Department.


Some photographs of Korkmaz show commando battalions and teams. Others in the photographs with him are mostly from Central Asia or Eastern Turkistan like himself. One of his photographs was taken in a mountainous area. The whole battalion is performing the namaz prayer. Another photograph was taken in 3rd Commando Battalion Center. Another one of these people who has been identified along with Susluhan Korkmaz is İzzetullah Özoğlu. Özoğlu is a special forces member like Korkmaz.

There are two more with the same surname, Cemil and İbrahim Korkmaz, assumed to be related to Susluhan Korkmaz.


There are documents belonging to Cemil Korkmaz, an application form for Specialized Sergeants and the medical check-up document for the application.

Cemil Korkmaz’s document also includes the Republic of Turkey ID Number 54685371122. The document was issued in the name of Cemil Korkmaz as candidate Specialized Sergeant by the Land Forces Department of Personnel.

Another photograph shows credit cards belonging to Cemil Korkmaz from Yapı Kredi, Garanti and Ziraat Banks.


It is also coming to light that secret gangs have been formed for Erdoğan with the commando battalions and teams from Eastern Turkistan and Kyrgyzstan made to fight in Kurdistan and Syria. The Turkey-philia and nationalist sentiment in Turkic republics, Mongolia and Eastern Turkistan had started with Fethullah Gülen’s high schools, study centers and educational institutions and the Ahmet Yasevi, Kazak Turk University and Kyrghyzstan Turkey Universities. After passing through Gulen’s institutions, most of these people were transferred back to study in Turkey. Now these people who take part in the Turkish gangs are all people from those high schools and study centers.