Êzîdî woman freed from ISIS tells the story of barbarism

A.K. said the responsibility on the massacre of Êzîdî people and the selling of women in markets falls to the KDP and spoke to the ANF about her 2 year long captivity after she was saved from the ISIS gangs by the help of YPG and SDF forces.

ISIS gangs selling women in slave markets turn Êzîdî children abducted from Shengal into suicide bombers. Thousands of Êzîdî continue to suffer in the hands of the gangs. An Êzîdî woman who managed to escape ISIS with a child in her lap, along with her 2.5 years old sister and a 11 year old child gives a chilling account.

Êzîdî woman A.K., whose full name and photograph can’t be published due to security concerns, says KDP sold them out and turned them over to ISIS gangs, that thousands of Êzidîs are still captive in the hands of ISIS and that Êzîdî children were used as suicide bombers.

A.K. said the responsibility on the massacre of Êzîdî people and the selling of women in markets falls to the KDP and spoke to the ANF about her 2 year long captivity after she was saved from the ISIS gangs by the help of YPG and SDF forces.


A.K.’s account is as follows:

“When the gangs came, KDP left us and ran. They turned us over to the gangs. If there had been a force to protect us, we wouldn’t have suffered such great losses.”


“Most of the people that were held captive after ISIS invaded Shengal and its villages when KDP fell back from the clashes in town were held in Mosul for a year. In Shengal, KDP assured us that they would protect us, that the ISIS gangs would not come here. So we continued to live in our houses. When they attacked Shengal on the night of August 3, KDP peshmergas ran before anybody else and they left us to the mercy of ISIS gangs.

In the cities, the Êzîdîs fought the gangs for a while, but their weapons and ammunition weren’t nearly enough. When we saw KDP run, we hit the roads to save our lives and tried to reach the mountain. But we were late, and we didn’t make it to the mountain. The gangs cut us off and captured us. They gathered the Shengali people they captured in a spot in the city first, then they took us to Mosul with their vehicles.

After they took us to Mosul, we stayed together with our family for about a year. We didn’t know who was where, how many people were killed because we couldn’t travel and there were no means of communication. But in Shengal and Mosul both, those who didn’t bow down to the dirty approaches of the gangs were beheaded or shot in front of our eyes. One year passed with suffering and oppression like this.”


A.K. stayed with her husband and some members of her family in Mosul and was pregnant when she was seperated from her husband one year later. She gave birth 3 months later. A.K. says the following on the ISIS gangs’ violent practices against Êzîdî women:

“When they enslaved us in Shengal, they seperated most of us and put them in vehicles. Then they seperated the young women and took them away. They first subjected these girls to their sexual perversions. Then they started selling them in markets as slaves. They said they took us as slaves and they treated us like their property. They seperated the children and took them somewhere else to train them, to brainwash them. They seperated the men and made them do excruciating labor. We learned later that some of them were killed. And they seperated the older women to cook for their fighters.”


A.K. said first the young women and later the women without husbands were taken, and then after a year, they seperated the women from their husbands and made them their slaves as well. A.K. said she was also made a slave for a gang member. She said the following on how the gangs used Êzidî children against their own people:

“They had taken the children away from us. Some time passed, and when we saw the children they said we were infidels and it was halal for us to be killed. We learned that they sent the children they abducted as suicide bombers to different places. They made us watch videos where the children they strapped bombs on exploded themselves.

The gangs made us watch two Êzîdî children they brainwashed and drugged then made them commit suicide in the Kumi airport raid near Aleppo. Hundreds of children like them are taken from their families, brainwashed, drugged and sent to different places as suicide commandos. Tomorrow maybe these children will be used against the Êzîdî people, we don’t know. Anybody with a conscience must act against these inhuman gangs.”

The 11 year old child B. who escaped the gangs along with A.K. said he was subjected to constant pressure and violence by a Tunisian gang member because he refused to be a suicide bomber. The child said the gangs killed many Êzîdîs, and A.K.’s husband was among those killed, but she didn’t know.


A.K. and the children with her who were saved from the ISIS gangs with the help of YPG and SDF forces left for the holy Mount Shengal where they belong.